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One of the best things you can do for your health in the new year [...]

No More Sleeping Issues with the NovosBed Memory Foam Mattress!

The worse advice I was ever given was that the kind of mattress you get [...]

5 Tips on How to Get Children to Sleep in Summer

May is the unofficial start of summer with longer days of sunshine.  It sounds perfect [...]

Shnoozles: Sleep Solution for Kids

“Mommy, can you read me one story?” “Mommy, can you bring me a glass [...]

6 Tips on How to Get Kids to Sleep

Dr. Robert Oexman is a sleep expert of the Dr. Robert Oexman of the Sleep [...]

What Kids Do Instead of Sleeping

Over the last couple weeks, my 8 year old son has been leaving surprises for [...]

Artistic Sensations Sleeping Bag Review & Kids Bedroom Gift Ideas

Kids bedding and decor make excellent and practical Christmas gifts this season. Artistic Sensations offer [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Robot Sleeping

Kids boxes and robot boxes to sleep. :) My 7 year old son [...]

Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest Review – Reduce SIDS Risk with a Baby Sleeping Sack

It is getting colder here in Northeast Ohio.  I like to go to bed knowing [...]

Dream Water – A Natural Solution to Sleepless Nights

If you have trouble sleeping, you are not alone.  Recent research shows that than [...]

True Womb Sleeping Swaddle Review

Swaddling babies has been practiced around the world for centuries and is approved by the [...]


Take your kids outside so they can sleep at night

In March, we moved out of the city and into the ‘country’ next to the [...]


Akron Zoo Sleepover: Snooze at the Zoo

If your kids the zoo as much as mine, they will the Akron [...]


6 Tips for Creating a Safe and Comfortable Home Environment for Pets

Creating a safe and comfortable home environment for pets is crucial for their well-being and [...]

Parenting in the Digital Age: Challenges and Solutions

Parenting in the digital age presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. As technology [...]

Discover the Benefits of Vimergy for Your Family

If you’re like me, you want the best for your family’s health, but it’s not [...]