While our traffic can vary from month to month and year to year, we rely on Google Analytics to share our demographics and audience numbers to prospective partners upon request.

Traffic Sources in order of prevalence: Google Organic Search, Pinterest, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, and Yummly.

AkronOhioMoms.com was founded in 2008.Readership started through mom’s interested in play groups, local entrepreneurs, more writers, school friends and then new friends viaFacebook.

We are real, tangible, and trusted people BECAUSE many of our readers can and do see us walking at the mall, park, or supermarket, and we never promote something we don’t approve of personally.

Many readers follow along to find out about local activities, check out new projects, complain about education initiatives, and discover new recipes.

Demographics and Technology

We are proud that over 70% of our traffic comes from Organic Searches.We strive to write extensive and useful articles for our readers.

80% Ohio Residents

Let’s focus people!Why struggle with a diverse national audience when you can know and target Ohio, the heart of it all?

70% Female

Google Analytics shows that our readers are female, and with a matching age group, many are likely mothers.

70% Mobile Readers

Times have changed.Since our inception in 2008, we’ve steadily watched the takeover of Mobile Viewing.Our site is 100% mobile friendly.

56% Age 25-44

Moms are the buyers in our families.We’re excited to continue capturing our target market.

How We Reach and Influence

  • Social Share and Engagement
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Real Life Photography
  • Personal Location Visits and Experience Shares
  • Interior Post Linking
  • Facebook and YouTube Video
  • In House Creative and Web Technology

How can You BEST Engage AOM readers?

Sponsored Ohio Content

Piggyback on our expertise – we create content that our readers want.Our standard focus is on highly visited resources or human interest stories for our readers.

We continuously seek partnerships for temporary or permanent sponsorships of these highly shared articles.

Think native advertising.

Sponsorship notices are inline in header images and inside of the text and can of course include a link to your own site.Local businesses and national brands are welcome to sponsor existing or new articles that are in our queue.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Value Conversations and Reviews

Product review articles fill the mom web. Getting traction for a review takes more than just a rehash of product specifications. It takes Great headlines, top notch imagery, real-life impressions, a little vulnerability, use videos, engaging conversational methodologies like metaphor, incentives, real-time parties online via the latest tech (let’s go past twitter parties, hangouts, and head to blab) and of course social engagement.

Product reviews do not risk negative reviews.In the case of a negative review experience, we offer direct to provider feedback of said negative experience, and provide no online review.

Ask about an AOM Review

Recipe Development and Promotion

While drafting multiple iterations of recipes to become America’s Favorite Crescent Cook in 2010, Cindy Orley found recipe development to be part creativity, part luck, and part luscious food photography. Since that time, creative energies have been poured into new recipes from specific sponsor ingredients. Deliverables include

  • Complete Original Recipes
  • Social Media ready images
  • Food Photography

Cindy’s Remarkable Team LLC now offers food photography sessions for local restaurants.

Brand Promotion

Akron Ohio Moms works with major brands over set periods of times to, essentially, be fan girls for a brand. Think: republishing works by a brand fan base, creating new creative fan-like content around a brand, or creatively using brand content in unexpected ways.

Examples? Think: painting the streets of Akron with Sriracha Sauce, stacking bottles of Dawn Dishwashing liquid for a carnival contest, or photoshopping Sunoco stickers to replace a kitchen floor.

Brand Promotion

Creativity Allowed

Sometimes our partners have new ideas that don’t fit into any of the above. Sometimes we have stand-alone content that needs a business partner, and sometimes, we are the first out of the gate with a new idea.Creativity is not a virtue that only a few humans have, it is one that requires effort, depth, and the combination of disparate ideas to create something new. We’re ready to try something new in Ohio


Travel Feature

People search online for travel recommendations. We take pride in delivering family-focused travel features with sample itineraries for families of all sizes, ages, and interests. All travel features include in-depth reviews of properties visited with photos and video and exclusive and engaging social media shares – live and after features are posted to gain more attention to the destinations. Let us showcase your resort, restaurant, and attractions in a positive way that readers trust.

Review Travel Features
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