Bibibop Copycat Recipe
Love Bibibop Asian Grill but want to stay in tonight? Enjoy authentic “Bibibop” flavor with my Bibibop Copycat Recipe with Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken – it’s quick and easy to prepare without heating up the kitchen!
  1. Salt & Pepper chicken on both sides and marinade with Bibibop Asian Grill Sesame Ginger Teriyaki sauce for 1/2 hour.
  2. Grill chicken over medium-high heat, about 350°F – 375°F for about 4 minutes per side until it’s golden and grill marks appear. Close grill lid and cook additional 5 minutes until internal temp is 165° F.
  3. Prepare rice as directed, keep warm.
  4. Scramble eggs, keep warm.
  5. Prepare hash brown potatoes as directed in skillet with oil or bake, keep warm.
  6. Assemble your Bibibop Copycat bowl with all the toppings of your choice and drizzle with Yum Yum sauce or other sauces. Enjoy!
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