GoBold Edible Playdough Mini Cakes
Have fun and be creative. You may want to prepare all 4 cake mixes or just a couple. Create your own Edible Playdough Mini Cakes to the shapes and designs to match the theme of your party.
    1. Prepare each cake per package instructions, bake, and allow to cool.
    2. Crumble each cooled cake into small crumbs into individual bowls, you may use a mixer to quickly crumble.
    3. Mix in 2 TBSP Funfetti Frosting in coordinating colors (orange for orange cake, yellow for yellow cake) per cake. Use Pillsbury White Frosting with the green and blue cakes.
    4. Press rolled balls or cut pieces of “playdough cake” into food ring, press flat from top, remove ring
    5. Frost with additional icing, as desired
    6. Enjoy your GoBold Edible Playdough Mini Cake
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