4 MAM Products to Keep Your Little One Happy

As a long time user of MAM Baby products, I am always excited to move onto the next product that is a good fit for my kids. Scarlett has moved past baby pacifiers, and is ready to drink from sippy cups, she’s also cutting her 1st teeth! Kiernan is always on the go and loving it, but keeping him hydrated is tough. MAM makes all of this a little easier.

MAM sippy

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Learn To Drink Cup

Scarlett wants to do everything just like the rest of us. She wants to drink from a regular cup but that ends up EVERYWHERE.  MAM’s Learn To Drink Cup is perfect for Scarlett. It’s available in both 6 oz. and 9 oz. sizes. These cups are BPA free and have a silicone valve to prevent spills.  They are the perfect transition cup for little ones.

sport cup

Sports Cup

Kiernan’s been taking gymnastics and wants to do more sports. He has realized that he gets very thirsty on the go.  The Sports Cup by MAM has made getting him to drink water so easy! He wants to take his  11 oz. Sports Cup everywhere now. I love that I know he is well hydrated and the spill proof valve means the water is staying in the cup!


MAM First Brush

I know teething can be exhausting, for baby and everyone else. When those tiny teeth come through it’s time to start teaching good hygiene. As with all of MAM’s Products these brushes are BPA-free. They are made with short, compact handles that are easy to grasp and hold. Scarlett is learning independent tooth brushing. The round head is a perfect fit for baby’s mouth. The red bristles show you the proper amount of toothpaste to use and the soft, rounded bristles clean, remove plaque and bacteria. So Scarlett’s mouth is nice and clean!

mam paci

Glow In The Dark Night Pacifiers

Pacifiers aren’t for everyone but it seems with my kids if I don’t use a pacifier… then I become the pacifier. That doesn’t work for me.  Scarlett doesn’t need her pacifier as often anymore but at night she doesn’t sleep well with out it. It does mean I sometimes get up several times to put it back in her mouth. Now with the Glow in the Dark Night Pacifiers that MAM has we don’t have to turn on lights to hunt for lost pacifiers! Don’t forget to use the pull test on each pacifier before giving it to your child.

Where to Find MAM Products

You can find all of these MAM product on their website, I like to pick mine up at Target and BabiesRus locally.

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