5 Simple Steps to Get Baby To Wear Shoes

For me one of the hardest things to get my children to wear is shoes!  I don’t know why but not one of them liked sock or shoes. With Scarlett I tried to do things a little differently and broke it down into several steps instead of just putting the shoes on and letting her be upset with me. I wanted to share my 5 simple steps so your little one won’t fuss about their shoes either.

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Step 1- Pick Shoes

I know this step sounds stupidly simple but let’s think about this.  Shoes are a totally foreign concept to babies, from the time they are in the womb their feet are never bound up. Scarlett would even stick her feet out of the swaddle. At the stages when you are looking at putting shoes on your child their feet are doing a lot of growing and part of learning to walk has to do with being able to feel the surface they are walking with their feet. So picking a high quality baby shoe is important. I choose Pediped’s Originals, I will explain more about why in a moment.

Step 2- Play with Shoes

I gave Scarlett her Pediped Originals shoes and box and let her play with them for a few days. She would show them to everyone, chew on them a little, throw them, etc. I know that Pediped’s leather passes the safety guidelines for toys so Scarlett won’t be hurt by putting her Pediped shoes in her mouth.  You can read more about their leather safety standards here.

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Step 3- Talk About Shoes

Whenever we leave I make sure to say “Let’s put on our shoes” or “Does everyone have their shoes on?” and the boys would show Scarlett their shoes. I would talk to her about how mommy has to tie her shoes but Kiernan has Velcro like her Pediped Originals shoes.

Step 4- Try Shoes for Short Periods of Time

After a while when Scarlett would bring me her Pediped Originals, I would put them on her feet. The moment she started fussing I would ask if she wanted to take off her shoes and then remove them. I never forced her to wear them longer. I want wearing shoes to be fun not torture. Make a big fuss about how cute they are with their shoes on. Scarlett would wait for us to say “Oh pretty shoes!” and then smile and kick her feet.


Step 5- Rinse and Repeat.

After about a week Scarlett would bring me her shoes when I said it was time to go bye bye.  Now when she wants to go she brings me her Pediped Originals as to say “Hey Mom, let’s get out of the house.” 🙂

Why Choose Pediped Originals?

When your baby is 1st learning to walk they depend on using their toes to grip the floor. Using a shoe that permits them to use their feet naturally is very important. Pediped Originals are made from soft leather. The sole is made of two layers of leather the exterior has a slip resistant diamond tread so walking on slick surfaces is just as easy as carpet. They are the perfect 1st shoe.  I also love the look of these shoes. EVERYWHERE we go people ask me about them. They are beautiful and Scarlett loves wearing them.  These shoes are made specifically  for babies up to 24 months.

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