3 Tips to Make Nursing In Public Easier

I have had 3 kids now, the 1st I only nursed for 6 months. It was hard, people said some pretty mean things to me when I nursed him in public. My 2nd it was a little easier, but I still felt weird. Now 11 months into nursing my 3rd  child, I have a few tricks up my sleeve! One of my favorites being my Lassig Allover nursing Scarf.

Nursing like a pro. The 1st few weeks are always hard. I found nursing at home alone to be the most comfortable.

I received product in exchange for this post.

1.Wear The “Right” clothing

The right clothing? Is there wrong clothing? No, not exactly. But wearing clothing that you feel comfortable in will help big time. Yes, nursing clothing can make it so much easier but I find what works best for me is a fitted tank top under my regular shirt. This is a budget friendly option and this way my core isn’t exposed when it’s cold out.

A tank top like this layered under your shirt or blouse can help keep you covered and warm!
A tank top like this layered under your shirt or blouse can help keep you covered and warm!

2.Use a Cover for YOUR privacy

Using a nursing cover is something I regularly do. Not for other people but because nursing for me is a private thing. I wouldn’t want to expose myself, but I don’t feel like I should have to leave the room and hide. I adore my Lassig Allover Nursing Scarf. None knows it’s a cover for nursing!(that is until I use it as a cover!) It’s fashionable and useful!

lassig on the go

3.Be Confidant!

Nursing is a natural behavior. Stand strong in the thought that you have the legal right to nurse your baby anywhere you choose. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. IF nursing is what you choose do, do it with confidence and pride! It’s not something that is easy, be proud!

Using  the Lassig Allover Nursing Scarf

Using the Lassig Allover nursing scarf has made me feel more comfortable and confidant while nursing outside of my home. Part of what I adore about this nursing scarf is that it’s not just for providing me with privacy. It can be worn in a variety of ways to include as a neck scarf, stole, bolero and cape. I came up with a few other ways that I wear mine.  I sometimes wear my Lassig Allover Nursing Scarf as a vest, toga style, shoulder cap bolero and circle scarf, it’s all about what works for me at the time.


About Lassig’s Allover Nursing Scarf

Lassig’s Allover nursing scarf is made out of a super wonderful fabric called Lyocell is so soft and breathable so neither Scarlett nor I are sweating, it’s also hypoallergenic and great for baby’s sensitive skin.  The light weight and durability is great for wearing, using for privacy and I have even used it open and folded in half as a light weight blanket. Available in 7 different colors. Retailing for $44.99 it’s an accessory you can use even after nursing is over!



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