Bellybuds (bellyphones for baby in utero) Review

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I have an exciting product to share with those of you who are pregnant or buying baby shower presents. Bellybuds is an amazing way for moms, friends, and family to connect with your baby before he is even born. Bellybuds is a safe and easy way to share music and audio with your baby in utero. A baby’s hearing is fully developed at 20 weeks, why not share music and recorded messages with your baby.

We’ve all heard that music is good for a developing baby both in utero and newborns. Now, you can discreetly play music for your unborn baby.

picture of Belllybuds

Bellybuds allows your baby to connect with those that love him like never before. Bellybuds really allow dads to get involved in the pregnancy. Simply record a message and play. This is especially helpful for dads that travel a lot or are in the military. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all special family members can get close to the baby before birth too! If you are adopting or using a surrogacy mother, the birth mother can play your voice to the baby too. Your baby will already know these special voices as familiar voices at birth. Bellybuds can also help moms with breech babies to help turn the baby.

Using Bellybuds

How I wish I had Bellybuds when I was pregnant with my two kiddos, it is such a fun and creative product. My friend is expecting and was lucky enough to try Bellybuds.

She was amazed at how easy the product is was to use. It comes with a standard 3.5mm audio jack that works with iPods, Zunes, and  standard digital music players. There is even an audio splitter so you can listen to the same thing that your baby is listening to. Don’t worry, others cannot hear through the Bellybuds so your messages are private.

picture of Belllybuds

Some competitor products are bulky and uncomfortable to use. Bellybuds are easy and convenient to use. Simply remove the the Bellybuds from the bellyphone dock and stick to your belly. There is a hydrogel adhesive ring that is medical-grade hydrogel that allows the product to stick to your skin. Just be sure to place on clean skin with no oils or lotion. There are no bulky belts or contraptions to hook the bellyphones up to your belly. You can even where these in public and nobody will ever know. Bellybuds comes with a case with a clip, so you can easily clip it to your belt, bag, etc to make this product very portable.

When not  using the Bellybuds, stick the Bellybuds on the bellyphone dock and back into the storage case.

My friend claims that her baby kicks when he hears the voices and calms when music is played through the bellybuds.

Buy Bellybuds

You can purchase Bellybuds on their website for $49.99. Depending on where you live, you may also visit a fine retailer. Check here to see if there is availability in your state.

Win Bellybuds (Closed)

Updated: 8/14/10 Winner Announced: Congratulations, Gina, entry #33! Thanks to all who entered!

Bellybuds has generously offered 1 lucky winner their own Bellybuds. What a perfect baby shower gift!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Team Mom and Bellybuds for the products for review and giveaway.

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85 thoughts on “Bellybuds (bellyphones for baby in utero) Review

  1. Amanda Mollenhour says:

    I learned that BellyBuds has a free voice share application so family members can record their voices as well!

  2. tina reynolds says:

    I found out they work with the most mp3 players including mine, I would love this for my little one we try and put music for him now on my belly but worry if he hears or if it is two loud just by laying headphones on my tummy thanks for the chance

  3. gina says:

    I learned that sharing audio at the safe levels helps stimulate the baby’s development in positive ways, and helps create voice recognition patterns, even before birth.

  4. Susan R. says:

    Wow! I learned that you can use this to turn the baby for an ultrasound, breech position, etc. Neat!

  5. Donna Timmerman says:

    Saw the website. I love that you can record your voice for a special message to your baby.

  6. Lucy says:

    A baby’s hearing is fully developed at 20 weeks? I did not know that. I hope to make my baby get use to hearing my voice as a way to calm them down when they are stressed or unhappy. I hope it works.

  7. gina says:

    I learned that 20 weeks – that is when a baby’s hearing is fully developed…I am at 21 weeks now, so I am going to start sharing music with my baby.

  8. Shanen Orians says:

    I was so excited about learning what this product does. I think being able to share the gift of music with your child is an amazing Idea! I am almost 20 weeks and really hope to get a pair of these so my husband and I can share our love of music with our little one!

  9. Jennifer h says:

    commented here-

  10. Jennifer h says:

    Oh I would so love to win these! We are currently preggers w/our 2nd baby. 🙂 I like the voiceshare option. So neat!

  11. Shana James says:

    I love that the bellybuds peel and stick anywhere on your belly! I like that me and baby can listen to the same thing!It’s small and compact and I really hope to win it!

  12. Amanda brizendine says:

    im afraid of turning the volume to high so i would buy belly buds headphones off this site!!

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