BSensible: Better Bedding for Kids

Making the transition from a toddle bed to a twin bed is a sure sign of growing up. Kiernan turns 4 soon and I think he’s ready to transition but staying dry all night is an issue and I hate to ruin a good mattress. Thanks to our new sheet by BSensible I am worry free and so is he!

BSensible box

I received product to facilitate this post.

What Makes BSensible Better?

Sure we can put on one of those plastic, crinkly sounding, yucky feeling sheets, but why?  While it protects the mattress, but oh the noise it makes at night is enough to wake anyone. Kiernan is a light sleeper and struggles with staying dry all night. He is really trying but at only 4 years old I know there are more accidents in our future. The BSensible sheets are completely water proof, but they still feel like super soft sheets! The top surface is actually made out of Tencel a renewable resource, natural surface with very unique benefits. Read more about the unique benefits here.

sheet and pillow case on bed

BSensible’s Waterproof Membrane

Everything other mattress protector we have used before now always had a very noticeable sound when you roll around in your sleep. I knew that wouldn’t work for my light sleeper, BSensible’s sheet don’t make a peep. It’s almost as if the back of the sheet has very thin plastic wrap on it!  These sheets are breathable and actually good for your skin. Kiernan has food allergies that cause eczema and bedding can cause more irritation. Not with his BSensible bedding, the sheet and pillow case are very soft and actually help soothe his skin. BSensible Sheets are manufactured in Europe and these awesome fitted sheets are composed with the new generation of innovative textile technology called: Dermofresh®, which is specially conceived for bedding products. Did I mention these are also dust mite barriers?  Washing them is a breeze, keep them turned right side out and toss in the wash and tumble dry.

Kiernan in BSensible bedding

BSensible for Everyone!

These sheets and pillow cases aren’t just for children. BSensible make sheets for cribs, and sheets for beds of all sizes twin- king and up to 18 inches deep.  There are 6 color options for adult sheets, 8 colors for children sheet twin-queen size and 8 colors available for crib sheets. So you can coordinate with room colors or other bedding! Starting at $28.00 for crib sheets and $55.00 for twin size sheets, count these as an investment in your sleep!



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