Daydreamer Sleeper for Peaceful Sleep for Baby

As an expecting mom my eyes are constantly searching for products that will make life as easy as possible when the new baby arrives. The Daydreamer Sleeper is on my must have list. I wish I had one when Kiernan was born! The Daydreamer Sleeper is reinventing how babies sleep.

DaydreamerI received product to facilitate this post.

Sleep Babies On An Incline with Daydreamer Sleeper

When we had Kiernan and his acid reflux started my life was exhausting. I was up every 2 hours day and night to feed him and be covered in spit up, only to clean up, close my eyes and start again. The doctor told us to use and incline to help while he slept in his crib but he would just roll over to one side.

The Daydream Sleeper would have been a dream to have. It has a 28 degree incline, which will comfortably keep baby upright and pressure off the abdomen.

I love that the strap and clip can be completely covered and opened with only one hand!
I love that the strap and clip can be completely covered and opened with only one hand!

The Daydreamer Sleeper is Soft and Comfortable

The Ultra soft cover will keep my baby comfortable. The liner is a perforated and breathable, so I won’t have to worry about over heating or the baby resting it’s face against it. The sides are nice and high so babies can’t fall out.  The clip is easy to use and holds the child securely.  I can’t wait to see my new little one resting peacefully from day one!

It's easy to remove and wash the cover.
It’s easy to remove and wash the cover.

Cleaning the Daydreamer Sleeper

The seating area is water proof just in case of diaper leaks. If cleaning is required simply unzip the cover and put it in the washing machine. It’s so easy. I will tell you when mine arrived in the mail it smelled like the plastic cover. I just took it out of the cover and let it sit for a few hours. Personally I think washing the cover before 1st use wouldn’t hurt.

Where Can I Buy a Daydreamer Sleeper

You can order a Daydreamer Sleeper Online from on Amazon below or at BabiesRus. There are three color options, pink, blue and sage green.

Please keep in mind that the Daydreamer Sleeper is made for FLOOR use ONLY and Please ensure that the sleeper is free of blankets and other possible suffocation hazards while baby is sleeping. Here are all of the safety recommendations.

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