Give an Extra Special baby gift with Max & Ola

I love finding the very best baby gifts. To me getting something sweet and special that can be passed down or is amazing quality is one of the best baby gifts. Things that are custom made for you are always special and I love Max & Ola’s baby shoes because they feel like a gift made just for my baby.

Keeping Little Feet Warm

Our baby girl will be born just as Fall is beginning, which means when she’s not in a footed outfit she will need socks on. I don’t know about your babies but mine always wiggled out of their socks so we always used baby shoes to hold them on. This time we will be putting the most adorable, well made Max & Ola shoes on our little girl. The Rose gold details make them look classic and timeless, I am confident these shoes will grace more than one pair of baby feet!

How sweet are the rose gold touches!?!

What Makes Max & Ola Special?

These baby shoes are beautifully handmade, they are made from products that are kind to the Earth and have been fair to labor and with the very highest production standards. All the materials are processed as natural as possible and with out the harsh chemicals that are often used in the fashion industry. I love that Max & Ola are looking out for our little ones from the very beginning!  I think that makes these shoes very special!

Shop Max & Ola

Max & Ola shoes are available online on their beautiful website.  Shopping is easy and size charts are listed under each shoe. These shoes are so well made and made with so much detail and love! These shoes are the Dreamy Style in Princess Pink, but they have many other gorgeous styles to choose from!  Most styles go up to 18 months in size as well.

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