The Easy Way to Keep Kids Eating Safe

Making the transition from processed baby food to table seems easy. That is until the first time your child starts to choke. In that moment you are more scared than ever. I don’t ever want to have those moments so I try to cut everything small but sometimes it’s hard.  Not cutting something small enough is not a chance I am willing to take, using BiteSizers Portable Food Scissors I won’t ever have to worry again!


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What are BiteSizers?

BiteSizers are these amazing scissors made specifically for cutting foods. Not just cutting them but making sure they are the perfect size so there are no choking hazards. I want to make sure Scarlett is a good healthy eater, I don’t want her to be deterred by flavors as we introduce table foods. I love using them all day, every day, this way Scarlett gets to eat everything the rest of the family does.

cut fruit to .5 inch

Are BiteSizers Safe?

They are Certified to be BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalates-Free, PVC-Free, Formaldehyde-Free. They are the only baby food scissors to be certified food-safe by NSF International. BiteSizers also have rounded tips and come with a snap on cover, this way there is no danger even in the diaper bag. I really love that I can hold them like standard scissors or I can use the blunt rounded tip in a bowl or plate upright. This way I can cut one handed! Also the circle on the side shows you how small the pieces should be after cutting (1/2 inch). It’s a great reference so you know each bite is safe!

blueberries for breakfast with bitesizers


About BiteSizers

BiteSizers are recommended for use when you child is 6 months or older. There are 3 color options green seeds, blue bubbles and pink bubbles. Manufacture suggested retail price is $19.95. I love that I will get years of use out of my BiteSizers. I often find myself using them for Kiernan too!  To clean them I simply wipe them with a clean rag right after use and hand wash when we are done with our meal or once we get home.



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