1 Great Way To Make Diaper Changing Cozy and Safe

Diaper changing time can be rough. I know lots of new parents who really struggle once their little one gets wiggly, I do too. There are so many options for changing mat options how do you find what works best? Well, I have found my favorite, the Mat Comfort Changing Pad by Candide Baby. It makes diaper changing cozy and safe for everyone.

Mom, Let's open it already!
Mom, Let’s open it already!

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Changing mats that rest on dresser tops can be scary. One of our old changing mats was nice but in order for it to stay put on the dresser top you had to screw it to the dresser. 🙁 I was always fighting with the straps and clips as my children grew or worse they would wiggle out of the straps while I was changing them! Scary! With the Mat Comfort Changing Pad by Candide Baby, I know we won’t be slipping and sliding because it has a nonskid bottom. The safety strap is amazing! I can us it one handed and the velcro doesn’t stick to baby’s clothing! No adjustments needed here just open and shut.

Look at the super soft towel.
Look at the super soft towel.

Oh So Cozy

I wish I could curl up on the Mat Comfort Changing Pad. With raised sides and filled with microballs this mat conforms gently with an almost bean bag feel. There is also an extra large soft terry cloth towel which makes staying warm after a bath easy as a breeze. The towel also velcros to the mat so it stays nice and flat during regular diaper changes.

Scarlett loves her new Candide Baby Comfort Mat Changing Pad
Scarlett loves her new Candide Baby Comfort Mat Changing Pad


More To Love About Candide Baby Comfort Mat Changing Pad

The liquid repellant fabric is easy to clean. Which is so important with baby blowouts! I love that the Mat Comfort Changing Pad by Candide Baby has 3 high sides and one open side so even as your child grows you can continue to use your Mat Comfort Changing Pad by Candide Baby. I love that it also fits perfectly into our changing table topper for Scarlett’s dresser. Extra towels are available for purchase and are available in white, pink and blue. Suggested Retail price is $59.99, purchase your own changing mat or one a a shower gift at BabiesRus!


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