True Womb Sleeping Swaddle Review

picture of Happy swaddled baby

Swaddling babies has been practiced around the world for centuries and is approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  By swaddling your baby, you help your baby feels safe and secure with added health and safety benefits. If done incorrectly, swaddling your baby could actually harm your baby. For instance, babies can kick and wiggle free from an improperly wrapped blanket. Loose blankets in a crib are a suffocation hazard. Or use the wrong materials and your baby could overheat and increase their risk of SIDS. True Womb has a product that provides a safer way to swaddle your baby.

Why Swaddle with True Womb?

By using True Womb,  you can reduces the risk of SIDS by letting your baby sleep on their back more comfortably. Swaddling your baby can helps reduce fussiness, stress, and colic symptoms by improving the amount of quality sleep. Swaddling your baby can also improve feeding. Your baby cannot kick free causing a suffocation hazard with True Womb. Your baby cannot overheat with True Womb’s 4-way stretch cotton fabric.

True Womb Video

Hands On Review of True Womb Sleeping Swaddle

My babies are out of the swaddling stage. True Womb is a product I wish I had for my kids when they were babies.

My good friend just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby, so she was delighted to test out True Womb. Like all newborns, her baby’s arms were flailing everywhere and legs kicking, making it hard for her baby to rest. Newborns have the startle reflex that can wake and upset them resulting in less quality rest. With True Womb, babies are secure like they were in the womb. True Womb actually memics the womb by putting baby in fetal position.

True Womb allows arms to move up and down and legs to stretch and kick. Then, when baby is relaxed, they can go back into their comfortable, familiar fetal position. The True Womb belts snugly so it is escape proof for ultimate safety.

How to Swaddle Baby with True Womb Sleeping Swaddle

I like that the instructions are printed right on the inside of True Womb so you always do it the right way. It is actually quite simple to use.

Place baby on True Womb.

picture of True Womb Step 1 How to swaddle baby
True Womb Step 1 How to swaddle baby

Tuck baby’s legs in fetal position and place in leg pouch. Pull together the 2 belts to secure baby. This is great because you can adjust the straps as your baby grows.

picture of True Womb Step 2 How to swaddle baby
True Womb Step 2 How to swaddle baby

Notice in the above picture that the baby is scratching. This is another benefit of True Womb, no scratches on face while sleeping!

Tuck arms into the sleeve pockets.

True Womb Step 3 How to swaddle baby
True Womb Step 3 How to swaddle baby

Wrap baby’s right arm across check and secure with waist velcro.

picture of True Womb Step 4 How to swaddle baby
True Womb Step 4 How to swaddle baby

Wrap baby’s left arm across chest and secure at the back velcro.

picture of Happy swaddled baby
Happy swaddled baby

Mommy and baby agree that this sleeping swaddle provides comfort and safety. My friend said her baby sleeps so well with the True Womb which makes everyone happy!

Buy True Womb Sleeping Swaddle

True Womb has 4 sizes from Preemie of 4.5lbs to size Large for 6-9 month babies weighing up to 22lbs. You can buy True Womb on their website with a 100% money-back guarantee for $39.99 or on

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to True Womb who provided the products for review.

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