World’s 1st Timer Night Light – Gus the Turtle Review

I am charting into new territories when talking about bedtime here at our house.  J-Girl has to pick out her P.J’s by herself, brush her teeth by herself, she even has started in the past few weeks wanting her “blue light” on (from her monitor) before we leave her room.  While I don’t think that she is afraid of the dark, I do think that she is starting to figure out that darkness=bedtime=being alone.  

I wasn’t afraid of the dark as a child but I really want to make sure that my kids are comfortable at all times, especially at night.  With our home being built in the early 1950’s there aren’t a lot of outlets in our bedrooms so I started wondering how I would be able to plug in a night light when that time came.

I  had seen a product in stores that was a sound/light projector stuffed animal that could sit on top of  a dresser but it would take up way too much space on the dresser.  I had to think of something else or find another product that could help us out before our last resort of having a electrician put in another outlet in J-Girls bedroom.

Gus- The World’s First Timer Night Light by Baby Zoo

Baby Zoo’s collection of innovative sleep aid products are designed to offer parents playful new solutions to address bedtime concerns with their children. Baby Zoo was founded by Dutch entrepreneur and designer Hans Pompen with their home office based out of Chester, N.J.  All Baby Zoo products are designed and produced with great care. All designs are carefully considered with an eye for detail to stimulate active and educational play between parents and children.

The pink "Gus" is perfect for enhancing your child's night time routine!

The huggable Turtle Gus Timer Night Light is the world’s first timer-based night light.  It’s safe to take Gus to bed because a timer function automatically shuts the light off at pre-determined intervals so it does not get warm.  The timer prolongs a long battery life as well. This is a great solution for any age child and is recommended for ages 10+ months.

Easy to install 2 AA batteries on the bottom of Gus, here you can see the switches to set the timer and brightness
Cute and Compact Gus will be your child's new best friend!

Things I love about Gus Timer Night Light:

  • Adorable! J-Girl LOVES her new friend Gus and is very excited to see him light up
  • 2 color choices available, pink  and green
  • Great compact size for little ones to handle/snuggle and not take up room in crib/bed
  • Dual use-when not being used to aid in bedtime, Gus can also be used as a toy around the house
  • Safety-the timer will not let Gus get too warm even if left on all night!
  • Customizable!  You can use the timer increments of 10, 20, 30 minutes and also select LOW or HIGH for the brightness
  • Easy to clean/sanitize surface with a disinfectant wipe
  • Affordable-with a price at just $19.99 it will not bust your budget
  • Portable! perfect for trips to grandma and grandpas and traveling
  • No outlet needed!  2 AA batteries required and Baby Zoo recommends using rechargeable batteries
  • Great gift idea for baby shower, birthday and Christmas!
    J-Girl loves her new friend Gus Timer Night Light not only for bedtime but for playtime too!

Buy Gus Timer Night Light

You can buy Gus Timer Night Light on the Baby Zoo website, at Babie’s R Us, or

Win Gus Timer Night Light (Closed)

Updated: 10-16-11 Winner Announced: Stephanie Mago-Eagle

Baby Zoo is offering you the a chance to win one of their Turtle Gus timer night lights! ($19.99 value)

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