It’s All About The Bliss: It’s Skincare, Baby

Sometimes when life is crazy. Like when politics are confusing, work is a struggle and life is just getting the better of you.  You need to find your bliss. For me, my bliss is pampering myself. Spa Dates aren’t always in the budget so I prefer to take some time in my own spa…. aka my bathroom! I have used Bliss Products for years and I think you will like them as much as I do.  Keep reading to find out about 2 of my favorite Bliss Products.


Fabulous Face Wash

I wear full makeup at least 4 days a week. So keeping my skin clean and makeup free is very important but some products really dry out my skin. So I am so excited to have found a face wash that cleans but doesn’t dry out my skin! I am loving the Fabulous Foaming Face wash!  Check out the foam! I love that it has a soft light scent and feels good washing my face but doesn’t feel like it’s drying my skin out.

Dry Face No More

While I was in high school my skin was oily. Three kids, loads of stress, etc and my face gets dry and chopped now. :( Which in addition to being uncomfortable, it makes me look much older and scaley..ew!  I added drench n’ quench to my routine and my skin is so soft. Like a baby’s skin!  It’s a crazy cream to water  moisturizer when I first opened it I was confused a little I mean how can it be a cream to water?? That’s exactly what it feels like. I don’t know if its changes because of body temperature or what, but I love it! I applied it to one hand and not the other and you can see and feel how smooth the skin is! This pair is part Bliss’ Limited edition holiday sets, get it here!


Gifting Bliss!

Are you looking for gifts for the women in your life? Bliss has something for everyone! Check out their website or buy locally at Ulta, Macys and Kohls!  Current Offers on Bliss website include free gift with $100 purchase with code: GLOWGIFT,  and free shipping for orders over $50 for US orders, no code needed!


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As a transplant to Ohio, Patricia is enjoying the calmer lifestyle to raise her family in. She has 4 beautiful children that keep her very busy, as does their 1980' home with all the updates it needs. When she has free time she enjoys painting, crafting, reading, writing, decorating and family fun.
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