A Bedtime Story to Read Over and Over and Over: Boo and Ted’s Amazing Adventures

I love that this story comes from the heart of the author. He made this story up for his two daughters as a bedtime story and it quickly became a favorite. He knew that it would delight other children as well and created Boo and Ted’s Amazing Adventures for everyone to enjoy.

This delightful story is right up to date with the times including the pups ordering a ride with Uber, riding a jet ski, and an electric scooter!

Meet Boo and Ted, although they look alike, their personalities couldn’t be more different. Boo is always ready for an adventure while Ted likes to play it safe, not to get into trouble or get hurt by something bad that could happen.

If you’ve ever had two dogs, you know that they can be treated the same way and yet act totally different. Same way with kids! We have two dogs and they both act very similar to both Boo and Ted – our pup, Sammy is always ready for an adventure while our dog, Cali is always ready for a nap. After reading this book, if you have dogs, don’t be surprised if your kids try to relate to their own dogs and how they would act in the same situations.

Although Ted seems like he worries too much and Boo is more of a play later and deal with consequences later, they both jumped into action, even in the face of danger when it really mattered in this story.

This is a fun peek into the lives of two pups in which the pups owners have no idea of their adventure that day, and I’m sure others. When they return home, the pups are laying in the grass exhausted. Feeling bad, they decide to take the dogs on a long walk. It didn’t take long for the adventurous Boo to jump up for a walk while Ted continued to lay exhausted.

I love that this book is written by a story a father told his daughters. He incorporated their dogs into an action-pack adventure that his daughters loved. If your child has a pet or loves animals, they will quickly be able to relate to this story and the different personalities of animals.

This is a really fun and creative book that your kids will really enjoy reading over and over. It’s exciting and empowering. It’s a great book to teach kids about being scared yet brave. Buy it on Amazon in paperback or download with kindleunlimited. This would make a great Easter basket stuffer too!

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