Affirmation Must-Have Book for Young Kids: The Day God Made You by Rory Feek

When a friend or family member welcomes a new little one, I enjoy picking out just the right book to gift the baby. I write the sweet newborn a personalized message inside the front cover, hoping the book often will be read to him or her, and one day, it will become a cherished keepsake.

My cousin and his wife just were blessed with a darling daughter, and it did not take me long to find the perfect storybook for her – The Day God Made You.  It is the exact book I was searching for, as the words on each page proclaim truth. I pray The Day God Made You one day will help her see she was uniquely made by God and for His glory.

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Written by American County singer and songwriter Rory Feek, The Day God Made You was inspired by his own daughter, Indiana. He dedicated the book to Indiana, in fact. While Indiana’s mother no longer dwells this side of Heaven, Feek may have used this book to help her see God has a reason for the things we may not understand.

The beautifully crafted story, complete with adorable and vibrant illustrations, helps a young child realize he or she was created by God. God designed each detail of his or her being, intentionally. Illustrator Malgosia Paitkowska’s drawings show children of all races and abilities equal and connected through their Creator.

From a child’s very start, God knows everything about him or her, including his or her very hopes and aspirations. This touching message is presented in an amazingly easy to understand and very touching fashion in this lovely, lyrical hardback book. The theme of The Day God Made You resonates with each turn of the page – God makes each little one in love and assigns him or her a distinct purpose here on Earth. God delights in His children and has a plan for each life.

Feek, a father and New York Times Bestselling Author, writes to his 6-year-old daughter, Indiana, and to all children, the following: “The shape of your eyes. The color of your hair. The way that you laugh and the size that you wear. The people you’ll meet and the things that you’ll do. God knew all these things the day he made you!

The Day God Made You just was released June 16 and is available now to purchase on, and through other retailers.

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