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For Love & Honor book review

If you are looking for a clean, lovely romance book as a young adult, I suggest For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund.

Set in medieval times, this historical fiction book is a love story between a noblewoman with a secret and a knight who needs to rescue his family from financial ruin.


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I love that this romance book isn’t all about steamy scenes yet still very much about flirting, love, and romance.

Lady Sabine, a wealthy noblewoman has a skin blemish on her arm that if found out, could get her accused of witchcraft and sentence to death.

Sir Bennett is a good man who is trying to save his family and their castle after his colder brother gambled away the family’s money, threatening the loss of the castle they call home. He would never marry a rich woman for her money, even though others say it is the only way.

Lady Sabine and Sir Bennett are actually tricked into meeting and end up liking each other because of their shared interests and quickly fall in low.

Lady Sabine and Sir Bennett are in a situation where they must decide if they are going to trust God with their futures or themselves. If found out about her skin condition, Lady Sabine could be burned at the stake and Sir Bennett ruined. Trusting God is a decision we must all make, no matter what period of time or what we think our futures may or may not hold.

For Love and Honor is a very good read of pure love and romance. I can easily recommend this as a clean romance book for teens and young adults.

You can purchase For Love & Honor on Amazon for about $10.

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