How High is Heaven and Tiny Truths Bible for Little Ones Review

We love reading in our home for pleasure, learning, and even comfort.  When my kids were young, we read so many books at night before bedtime, it was a treasured time that I’ll never forget. I have found a couple books that I’d like to share for those with children between 0-8 years old, especially if your family is going through the loss of a loved one.

How High is Heaven – a Book in Loss and Heaven

Loss is difficult for all of us but especially children who don’t understand anything about death or heaven. How High is Heaven is a read-aloud book for kids ages 4-8 that answers questions kids have about heaven in language and illustrations they can understand and relate to.

Kids have a lot of questions – it’s how they learn. In this book, they will follow along with another child whose lost a loved one and has questions that they may also have.This book answers questions, helps gets the conversation started so that you can talk with your child more and it also gives hope and comfort to children (and adults) who read it.  If your family has lost a loved one, this is a must-have book to have on hand to help your child process and understand death and heaven. Find How High is Heaven on

Bible for 0-4 Year Olds

It is never too early to start reading the Bible to your children. Although it might be hard for them to understand the KJV you have, The Tiny Truths Bible for Little Ones is the perfect start to teaching your young child about God with stories from both the Old and New Testaments.

This Bible includes 12 stories that introduces your child to the stories and characters in the Bible including Jesus’ life, death, and resurreciton.Building that foundation of knowing and loving God from an early age is essential. My kids loved their Zonderkidz Bibles from when they were younger, they were durable to go through countless readings with both my kids and they both are saving them for their children as well.This Bible introduces your child to:
Who God is—the one who made everything and everyone
Who we are—his children, whom he loves unconditionally
What we were made for—to love God and everyone else

Find this Bible on

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