Journey through the Book of Acts with Impartial Devotional

Impartial book review

If you are looking for a good, Bible-based devotional to go through this season, may I suggest Impartial. Impartial is an 8-week daily devotional that takes you through the beginning days of the Church, from a small group of believers to the movement of the church to Rome and eventually the world.  Impartial takes the reader through Acts 1-10 with the prayer of increasing your faith, whether you are a man or woman.

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I like that Impartial is a daily devotional with 5 days per week that take you through the scriptures of Acts. It engages you in both scripture reading and inspirational thought to motivate you to learn, grow, and apply the Word to your life. For me, I learn more when I jot down notes, so I also enjoy having space in the book to reflect and write my thoughts on thought-provoking questions throughout the book.

It is good for us to learn and understand how the Church began, how it grew, and how we go to where we are today.  It is amazing how God used his people to spread the Good News across the nations. It is enough to encourage each of us to grow in our faith, to know and understand that God is a good God who listens and answers our prayers.  He is a big God, able to handle even our largest problems and He wants to work on our behalf.

If you are looking for an encouraging, engaging devotional for this season, check out Impartial. This book is suitable for study alone and as a group and can be purchased on

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