Traveling to Australia with Small Children – a Guidebook

Traveling with Children is HARD.  Traveling to the other side of the planet with small children is even harder.  My good friend Veronica (who writes on this blog, but not often since she is too  busy at her full-time job) has traveled with her young children back to near her home in Singapore.  I have always found her very brave mother for doing so.  This book would have been helpful to her for explaining what was going to happen.

Unless Quantas Airlines steps in and asks to sponsor a 2 week trip for four to Australia, this book is not for me!  Of course, however, it has found a place on my bookshelves.


The Klampie Mystery is about a young girl who travels to Australia with her parents.  It discusses the logistics of travel, the reversal of seasons, the change of time zones, and the overall process of traveling.


My husband knows me very well and will point out every single time that I laugh at the same type of joke over and over again- a joke of ‘hidden knowledge’, or mistaken identify.  He knows I will laugh at any TV show that sets up a character in one situation and does not reveal to the others until the joke has been played out.  So, silly as it sounds, this child’s book had me laughing.  Maybe this is all because I was born while an episode of Three’s Company was being filmed… I just can’t say.


Yes, it is a real Koala acting as a stuffed Koala all the way through a vacation trip, and then on the ride back to the USA.



Klampie and Samantha are amazed at the differences between the two countries and all the unexpected things that happen along the way.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to KSB Promotions who provided the products for review.

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