MUST Read: Broken and Beautiful by Christine Soule

If you are going through a rough time or need encouragement that God has a plan for you – even if you feel broken, run out and get Broken and Beatuful by Christine Soule NOW. This book is amazing. It is story after heart-felt story of how God has given the author hope, even in her darkest imaginable times. And He can give you hope too.
Broken and Beatuful is authentic from cover to cover. You won’t want to put this book down. It’s a book about obedience, hope, and God’s love. I particularly liked the chapter on forgiveness. That’s a biggie for everyone – to forgive – others and ourselves. Forgiveness has more impact on our lives and the lives of others than we can imagine and many times ever know. I LOVE the story in the book about how God called Christine to forgive the neighborhood bully and family that did everything they could to hurt her and her family. I honestly can’t believe how Christine trusted God to reach out to this family with forgiveness – such obedience, such an example. And the result?! Nothing but God’s love pouring into the bully’s family to the point where Satanists became Saints – seriously. That’s POWERFUL stuff – Forgiveness. It reminds me of how imperfect I am and how perfect God and His enduring love for all of us is.
This book is all about how darkness and brokenness can turn into beauty when we fully trust God. We can all use that promise – and it’s freely given to us by our creator.  Buy this book for yourself and a friend going through a tough time right now on Amazon.

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