Penury City Trilogy Review

If you are looking for an easy-to-read end times series, check out the Penury City trilogy series by Thomas Nastek. It is the perfect series to jump into but don’t be surprised if you get through it quickly as each book is a page-turner! Set in End Times, you’ll follow an atheist as chaos and darkness covers the world and his life.  This atheist and others all try to get away from the dark and corrupt world they are trapped in and search for a mythical golden city, a fabled city of rescue.  In this journey, the main character is enlightened about God through meeting various believers including a Catholic nun who makes him rethink everything he thought about God in the past.   I love how this book takes an atheist living in today’s world and turns his world upside down with the end times in order for him to find God.  In this series of books, the world seems to revolve around the main character where his faith and act of faith can not only change his entire world and life but also that of the golden city!

This trilogy is written as fiction but faces the major issues of today that are pulling our world deeper and deeper into darkness including abortion, addiction, control, gaming, pornography, socialism, torture, and faithlessness. Just like in the Holy Bible, this trilogy find unlikely heroes who are not perfect and have their own internal struggles and watches to see how they respond and if they do the right thing.

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