Curious Kids Learn How Airplanes Fly in Pop-Pop Airplane!

Pop Pop Airplane How Do You Fly? Book on airplanes by Dan Pegram

Airplanes are amazing! As an adult, I still get excited to fly and don’t fully understand how it all works. For kids, it’s like magic!  In Pop-Pop Airplane How Do You Fly?, curious kids can learn all about flying and how airplanes work. This is an exciting book for kids ages 3-6 to learn about airplanes, especially before their first flight!Pop Pop Airplane How Do You Fly? Book on airplanes by Dan Pegram This children’s book helps young children start to understand and be comfortable with how airplanes fly. With fun and whimsical illustrations and easy-to-read 1-2 sentences per page, this book dives into teaching in a fun and comfortable way – like a grandpa telling his kids – more on this later!
Illustrations in this book rock – and so fundamental for a children’s book. Both the words on the page and the images quickly capture the attention (and keeps the attention) of children.
Pop-Pop Airplane takes all fear out of flying and makes it exciting – as it should be. This book would be perfect to read before your child’s first airplane trip but great for all curious little minds that have their eyes locked on airplanes as they fly overhead.  In the book, children will get an introduction to all the main parts of the plane and how they work together to help it fly – from the wings to the engine and even parts that you’ve never heard of like rudders, elevators, and ailerons!
This will be one of those books that your kids ask you to read over and over and over again, trust me! It’s so lively, educational, and entertaining. It reads like a grandfather teaching his grandchildren – from experience. That is because the author, Dan Pegram is a retired United States Air Force pilot! I love that he found a way to share his passion for aircraft in a way that young kids can learn!
Pop Pop Airplane How Do You Fly? Book on airplanes by Dan Pegram The book’s title was inspired by the author Dan Pegram’s grandchildren. His first grandchildren, Bailey and Charlotte were the first to nickname their grandfather “Pop-Pop” and his third grandchild, Kamden knew that his grandfather was an airline pilot and exclaimed, “Pop-Pop Airplane” to him. The book title was settled!Pick up your hardcover 20 page copy of Pop Pop Airplane on, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart for your child today!

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