Great Resources for Finding Coupons

There are many sites where you can go to find coupons. To many people, it seems like there are too many sites. Sorting through hundreds or thousands of coupon clipping sites may seem impossible. The thing with couponing is that you need to have a strategy before you can get started.

First, consider the sites you are visiting. Some sites aren’t that useful. Some rarely get any visitors. If you notice this, you need to ask why. This could be a sign that the site  isn’t updated regularly or the site owner doesn’t offer much to visitors. Some sites don’t get as much traffic, but they provide another benefit. They specialize in providing specialized resources to their visitors.

For example, if you want to specifically look for coupons for grocery stores, weight loss programs or products at Best Buy, then you may want to go to a site dedicated specifically for those purposes.

You should also understand the way these sites work. They make their money by providing sponsored or affiliate links to the firm originating the coupon. This doesn’t mean it costs you any more money. However, you just need to know that you aren’t usually getting the coupon directly from the site you are visiting.

In actuality, this is a good thing. If the website owner was selling the coupon to you themselves, they would have to mark it up to make more money. The affiliate system is set up so that the owner of the website makes money off of the backs of the originators of the coupons, not the customer.

It’s just good to know that you have options. You can also check out the sites that provide the links in the first place. You can visit the seller of the coupons directly. You may save time doing so. On the other hand, you will have to scroll through a much larger site. Coupon sites may accumulate some of the best deals on the web. I think these sites are a great place to start and they can save a lot of time.

That being said, you won’t find all the deals you are looking for from a single site. I think the best solution is to follow a number of popular blogs and check them for coupons regularly. You can also subscribe to their emails and RSS feeds.
In times like this, we can’t afford to overlook the potential savings from coupon cutting sites. On the other hand, you don’t want to waste countless hours doing couponing. It’s best to have a system set up where you can find the deals you are looking for as necessary.

Kalen Smith writes about financial affairs and budgeting at, a personal finance blog in the saving and financial advice sector. Kalen also writes about credit cards, investing, mis-sold mortgages, unfair loan agreements and credit rating advice.

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