March is the Best Time to Buy…

I really like the Best Time to Buy Guide, it’s right on about items that you should buy each month for the best savings.

March is the Best Time to Buy…

1. Frozen Foods
March is  National Frozen Food Month by the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association. It is time to stock up on all your frozen goods this month!

2. Perfume
Christmas and Valentine’s Day are over, those are the biggest perfume selling times of the year. Catch great deals now on what didn’t sell! Check out discount stores like  Sam’s Club, TJMaxx and Ross for even better prices.

3. Gardening Tools
With the warming weather, I’m eager to get out and garden. Good thing March is the best time to buy gardening tools. My daughter put in a request this morning for new kids gardening gloves.

4. Winter Coats and Apparel
Make room for Spring clothing! And grab deals on winter coats and apparel in March! I always buy my kids’ winter coats, hats, gloves, etc now for next year. Places like Kohls allow you to return even a year from now, so there is no pressure if your kid jumps two sizes this Summer!

5. China and Flatware
This is perfect timing for me since we just remodeled our kitchen. I need to start fresh with new dishes since mine have broken over the years. You can save big in March for china and flatware, they are last year’s patterns but who cares?

6. Air Conditioners
You will need an air conditioner in the Summer, don’t pay the high prices. Take advantage of off-seasoning prices and last year’s models before the new models hit the shelves for Summer.

7. Luggage

Last year’s models are a great buy in March as manufacturers are preparing new releases and stores are making room! Buy luggage in March.
If your go-to luggage is so threadbare it can barely contain your clothes, consider upgrading this month. Manufacturers release new models ahead of the busy summer travel season, making last year’s models a great buy. is the largest resource on the Internet linking shoppers to free-shipping deals offered by nearly 4,000 online merchants.

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