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Nursing as your child gets older seems like it should be easier, but for me it’s getting harder. Scarlett is nursing less but it’s more difficult for me to stay covered. I love her to pieces but I feel like I should be more comfortable, yet I haven’t been. So when I found Covered Goods I knew I needed to try it out for myself.

Covered goods

I received product to facilitate this post.

What are Covered Goods?

Covered Goods are multi-use nursing covers. How can a nursing cover be multi-use? It’s easy. It can be fashionable and chic, while still covering you during nursing, but Covered Goods can do more. You can use it to keep baby clean while in the shopping cart (also keeps toys and pacifiers from hitting the floor) and you can put it over your infant car seat to keep hands and faces away from your new baby. It also doubles as a super cute scarf when you are done nursing!

govered goods

What Makes Covered Goods So Great?

My favorite thing about this nursing cover is that it provides true ALL OVER COVERAGE front and back! So my back, stomach and chest are all covered but it’s made of comfortable, stretchy fabric so you don’t have to worry that your baby my pull off or kick off your Covered Goods. You can wear it like a cape or put on arm through the neck hole and have enough tension that your well covered but can still easily peek at your little one.  It’s on and off in seconds and can be rolled, folded up or left on and worn as a scarf!


What are Covered Goods Made of?

These nursing covers are made of  a special order fabric from that is a high quality rayon spandex blend. The covers are so soft and lightweight, but not at all see through, with just the right amount of stretch. Each Covered Goods cover has a 64″ in circumference at the bottom (not accounting for stretch)with a contoured neck line. Each cover is hand cut and hand sewn in the Los Angeles area to help support US economy and to ensure a quality product.

covered goods 2

Where Can I Get My Own Covered Goods?

While the print that you see in my photos is no longer available they have 12 fabric options currently! Just head over to their website and pick your favorite!


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