Studio 526 Unique Party & Event Space in Akron Ohio

picture of Studio 526 is a Business Meeting Space in Akron, Ohio

If you are looking for a party or event space close to downtown Akron that can offer more than a conference room, reception hall, or hotel ballroom, look no further. Sudio 526 is a unique space for parties, concerts, weddings, holiday get-togethers, corporate parties, video conferences, corporate meetings, art gallery shows, and more. This 7,000 sq ft space offers two partially separated spaces, use either or both to accommodate the size of your gathering. Studio 526 is centrally located, just minutes from downtown Akron, University of Akron, and Canal Park.

Bruce Gates, the owner of Studio 526 can transform the spaces to create an unforgettable event set to your own personal taste, theme, and style.

I recently visited Studio 526 for a professional portrait by Bruce Gates. He’s a fantastic photographer with a wonderful personality. I highly recommend his photography and will feature a post at a later date on this. However, I’d like to share with you my findings on his amazing studio. I was floored to see such a space right here in Akron, Ohio.  Although the space is impressive in size, it is a very warm and inviting space.

Studio 526 Event Space #1 and Lobby

The following 6 pictures are of the same room. This is the entrance to Studio 526 and lobby area. It can be used in conjunction with the larger side of Studio 526 or alone.  This space alone creates an intimate gathering for up to 50 people. This is perfect space for birthday parties, anniversary parties, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, and small corporate meetings.

Bruce Gates sets the stage for your event with amazing flair.  He can totally transform the space to accommodate the mood that you want your event to convey.

picture of Studio 526 Akron Ohio Party Space
Studio 526 Akron Ohio Party Space

Above is a photo of a birthday party. This space is very casual with fun lighting, lots of color, plenty of places for people to gather, sit, and eat.

picture of Catering at Studio 526
Catering at Studio 526

What a fantastic backdrop Studio 526 makes for family celebrations! Studio 526 is an excellent choice for family celebrations and get togethers when your house is too small for your growing family, if you don’t want to mess up your home with so many people, and especially if you want to create a memorable experience for your event.

picture of Birthday Party at Studio 526
Birthday Party at Studio 526

Bruce Gates created an inviting, eclectic space for this party.

picture of Studio 526 unique party and event space in Akron Ohio
Studio 526 unique party and event space in Akron Ohio

The above picture is the same event but before people were added.  Although Bruce Gates creates an intimate feel with this space, it is rather large and can comfortably accommodate 50 people easily.

picture of Studio 526 Akron Ohio Elegant Party Space
Studio 526 Akron Ohio Elegant Party Space

This is the same space transformed into an intimate, elegant gathering place. This would be perfect for an engagement party, bridal shower, birthday party, family gathering, anniversary party, holiday party, etc.  This luxurious space is one of the most unique spaces for a small wedding location in Akron, Ohio. Once the ceremony is complete, guests would just walk to the next room for the reception.

Small gatherings, business meetings, and conferences can also be held comfortably at Studio 526 in an elegant, executive environment.

picture of Studio 526 Akron Ohio Business Meeting Space
Studio 526 Akron Ohio Business Meeting Space

Studio 526 Large Event Space with Photo Backdrop

The main section of Studio 526 is vast and can accommodate up to 150 people comfortably. This is perfect for larger events such as weddings, wedding receptions, live concerts, business meetings & conferences, corporate holiday parties, and larger parties.

Studio 526 for Akron Wedding Receptions

picture of Studio 526 unique Akron Ohio Wedding & Reception
Studio 526 unique Akron Ohio Wedding & Reception

Weddings at Studio 526 are beautiful and customized to your preferences from lighting, to decor, to catering. Studio 526 is your one stop source for an Akron Ohio Wedding. They offer a space for the ceremony, reception, professional lighting, large white backdrop for amazing pictures, backdrop for video projection, photography, videography, and catering.   There are 2 restrooms at Studio 526 and even a glamor dressing room.

The space is unique and memorable, nothing cookie cutter here.

Studio 526 for Live Music & Performances

picture of Studio 526 Music & Concert Space
Studio 526 Music & Concert Space

Studio 526 offers a novel venue for live music concerts and performances. The white backdrop creates a larger than life feel to any event.

Studio 526 for Akron Art Show Gallery

picture of Akron Fine Art Show Location
Akron Fine Art Show Location

Studio 526 is an exquisite choice for a fine art show or event. It is easy to create a gallery environment with the massive amounts of wall spaces.  The white backdrop sets a professional tone.

Studio 526 for Corporate Conference and Business Meeting Place in Akron

Whether you are holding an annual corporate conference, sales meeting, or other business gathering, Studio 526 is a convenient and  professional venue near downtown, Akron, Ohio. Everything from set up, catering, and the use of tech equipment is available at Studio 526 for your convenience.

picture of Studio 526 is a Business Meeting Space in Akron, Ohio
Studio 526 is a Business Meeting Space in Akron, Ohio
picture of Monday Nite Football Crew
Monday Nite Football Crew

Tech Side of Studio 526

Studio 526 has areas largest green screen 30ft x 40ft for Live video taping and video conferencing. This space is perfect for video-conference meetings. Bruce Gates operates The Art Factory at Studio 526, a full service creative firm. Studio 526 is a well-equipped studio that offers even the largest of clients such as Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, and Microsoft award winning photography and service.  It is equipped with a 10’x30′ lightbox and a light grid for the Cyc wall.  For music, Studio 526 has a state-of-the-art Ipod friendly system with 400 cds in the Cd changer.  The studio also has a projector and is WI-FI friendly. Bruce Gates has the tech side of your event covered.

Extra Services at Studio 526

Not only is Studio 526 a great meeting and party space in Akron, Ohio but Bruce Gates will help you create an event that will be momentous.  For catering, they have  multiple resources for catering, table, and linen rentals or you can use your own. There is an impressive collection of props and decorations for every imaginable theme available.  Bruce Gates will assist you to organize your event to make it flawless.

Plan your next event at Studio 526

Studio 526 is a versatile, unique space located in Akron, Ohio that could quite easily be the perfect place for your next event. If you are looking for an extraordinary space for your next event, contact Bruce Gates at Studio 526. He will create the perfect backdrop for your event from start to finish. Your event can be scheduled with just 5-7 days notice. Contact Bruce for details.

picture of Studio 526Studio 526
526 Grant St
Akron, OH 44311

Photos published with permission of Studio 526This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Bruce Gates for the photography services for review.

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