Wash Wag Self & Full Serve Dog Wash Review

picture of Super Absorbent Towels to dry dogs fast

Washing your dog can be a big chore. The actual process often includes getting wet, having your dog try to run off, forgetting the shampoo, and then you have to figure out how to rinse him after he is all soapy. The worst part of giving a dog a bath is that you have to clean up the entire room and tub when you are done, often clogging up the tub or wash sink. YUCK! If you live near Akron, you are in luck. Wash Wag is close to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Tow Path, and many dog parks, in Merriman Valley. They offer self and full serve dog washes.

Hands On Review of Wash Wag

Our dog, Arnold is a good dog, a bit hyper but good. We’ve tried taking him to a groomer before but he got too nervous and couldn’t stay. I wasn’t sure how he would react at Wash Wag.

From the moment we walked in, Arnold was just fine. I think the intimate atmosphere made the difference. I spoke with Ramsey about this and he said many people have come in with similar experiences. People can stay with their dogs at Wash Wag or leave them with their certified groomer. The groomer only takes one dog at a time which gives the dogs a more relaxed time.

Wash Wag offers Self and Full Serve options. We decided to go with the Self Serve. We were each given a waterproof apron, they even had kid-size ones. Wash Wag can really be a fun family bonding time washing the family dog. Kids can get right in the HydroSurge tub with your dog to help.

First, we were given clean brushes with de-shedding blades to brush our dog. I have a top name-brand dog brush that is suppose to brush away the dog’s undercoat. Wash Wag brushes worked soooo much better. My kids and I brushed our dog for a while and collected a lot of hair! Arnold is a fluffy, shedding dog! I love that the dog hair was going to be left there, not in my house!

picture of Brushing Arnold at Wash N Wag
Brushing Arnold at Wash Wag

All Natural Dog Shampoo and Conditioners used at Wash Wag

picture of Specialty Shampoos and Conditioners used at Wash N Wag
Specialty Shampoos and Conditioners used at Wash Wag

You won’t find cheap dog shampoo at Wash Wag. Liz is co-owner of Wash Wag, she explained how all of their dog specialty grooming products are all natural and high quality dog shampoos and conditioners. You can choose from a variety of shampoos to use depending on your dog’s needs.

picture of Gentle Warm Water sprayer for your dog
Gentle Warm Water sprayer for your dog

My dog didn’t mind the the gentle sprayer at all. He seemed to enjoy the warm water. My kids loved it too. The walls, aprons, and surrounding areas got wet to but it’s all designed to get wet, unlike our homes, so it was just fine!

picture of Wash N Wag Akron Self Serve Dog Wash
Wash Wag Akron Self Serve Dog Wash

Here we are massaging in the speciality brightener shampoo for dogs with light color fur. I had never heard of a brightener shampoo before. That was one of 3 shampoos that we used on Arnold for his doggie bath.  My dog has never, ever been so bright and white before!

Best Place for Dog Facials in Akron

picture of Wash N Wag Arkon Dog Blueberry Facial
Wash Wag Akron Dog Blueberry Facial

I’m not one to pamper my dog too much. We love him, play with him, give him treats, take him on walks, brush him, etc but I’ve never given my dog a facial. The thought never crossed my mind.

picture of Dogs love pampering facials
Dogs love pampering facials

At Wash Wag, you can give your dog a blueberry facial for a couple extra dollars, some packages include it. So, why give your dog a facial? Well, if you are like me, you are very careful when using regular dog shampoo on your dog’s face. I’m always worried that I will get it in his eyes, nose, or mouth. I neglect this area because of it. Well, it is your dog’s face that is going to be up to you licking you, so it should be clean! This tear-free, all natural blueberry formula smells great and from Arnold’s reaction, taste ok too!

picture of Who says dogs don't like baths? Dogs love Wash N Wag
Who says dogs don't like baths? Dogs love Wash Wag

So, we’ve established that dogs do need facials with specially designed formulas that won’t hurt their eyes. Now, do they like it? Tell me what you think from the picture above! My doggie is lovin’ it! I never knew my dog would enjoy a facial – NEVER! lol

Get your dog to love bath time at Wash Wag too

My dog usually tolerates a bath at best. He has never reacted the way he did at Wash Wag before. Check out the below pictures to see just how relaxed and happy he is! My dog is a happy dog at Wash Wag! This is the same dog that wasn’t allowed to stay at a local chain groomers because he was too excited!

picture of Easy Self Serve Dog Wash in Akron
Easy Self Serve Dog Wash in Akron

How to dry dogs after bath at Wash Wag

Wash Wag offers the use of super absorbent towels to dry off your dog. Each towel can hold a gallon of water which is sure to speed up the drying process. This sure beats the old, thin towels that I reserve for my dog at home!

picture of Super Absorbent Towels to dry dogs fast
Super Absorbent Towels to dry dogs fast

Take your time to blow dry your dog with their quiet dog blow dryer. Your dog won’t mind. Seriously, I’ve tried to blow dry my dog at home and it did not go well! My dog didn’t mind the blow dryer at all, it is not silent but it is quiet.

picture of Quiet Dryer to blow dry dog's fur
Quiet Dryer to blow dry dog's fur

One of the best parts about Wash Wag is NO Clean up after giving your dog a bath! This is the worst part of giving a dog a bath. If it is summer, we usually wash our dog outside but in the cooler months we have to wash him inside. This means that I have to mop, scrub, and clean the entire bathroom before I can even clean myself off.  I love that I won’t ever have to do that again, plus it saves a lot of time!

picture of Leave the Mess at Wash N Wag
Leave the Mess at Wash Wag

Best Dog Wash in Akron

I was very pleasantly surprised with my entire experience  at Wash Wag. My dog was very agreeable to it and seemed to like it even. My kids had a fun time too. My dog has never been so clean before. He smells clean, looks clean, and is brighter white than ever before. After the final brush through, they gave my dog a doggie treat and our choice of colors for a bandanna. My dog has worn his bandanna proudly since his bath and looks so cute! My kids even want to snuggle with him more!

picture of Arnold's After Picture
Arnold's After Picture

Wash Wag
1562 Akron Peninsula Road, Suite 116
Akron, OH 44313

Buy Wash Wag Treatments

Stop by Wash Wag and give your dog a bath the easy way. You can self serve and wash your dog starting at just $12 for unlimited time in the HydroWash tub. Or, let Wash Wag give your dog a bath starting at just $23.95. They also offer Spa Packages and many special treatments Ala Carte.

If you are visiting Akron dog parks, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, or the Tow Path, bring in your muddy dog for a quick 10 minute $10 bath!  They also offer daily specials, check them out!

Win Wash Wag Spa Day Treatment (Closed)

Updated: 8/28/10 Winner Announced: Congratulations, Marissa Slocum, entry #60. Thanks to all who entered. Please stop by Wash Wag soon, don’t forget their coupons and specials online!

Wash N Wag is giving one lucky dog a free Spa Day Treatment with a Blueberry Facial, Shampoo & Conditioner, Eye, Ear, and Teeth Cleaning, 15 Minute Brush-Out, Nail Trim and Professional Grooming.

ENTRY #1: You must visit Wash Wag website and comment below on something you like.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Wash Wag who provided the services for review and the giveaway.

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  1. Dog Bath says:

    Similarly to persons our pet particularly cats and dogs also must have cleaning within their selves in a way of dipping. This is one of many ways of stopping bacteria’s and viruses on them. It’s also important to remind that your dog requires baths daily or weekly depending on the variety of the dog you’ve got. Use shampoo to make them smell so great and can make them look so fresh always.

  2. Sue Vidikan says:

    I really like the idea that you have the choice of doing it yourself or having them do it, as well as that it can be a family time together. Looks great! Would love to try it out!

  3. Amy says:

    I love the fact that I didn’t even know they existed… have you ever tried to bathe 3 boxers in the dead of winter inside your house?????

  4. ANGEL JACKLYN says:

    WHY WASH WAG? No more dirty bath tub, no more clogged rains. No fur on the walls or wet doggies shaking all over your home. No straining your back or bruising your knees. PLUS, we’re uniquely located close to parks and dirt and mud and ponds and lakes and… well that’s the Valley and Dog Parks for you!\\\


  5. David Rice says:

    We go to the dog parks and get muddy, this would be a good option and my wife won’t get on my case about muddy dogs!

  6. Lauren Presutti says:

    I love that you can do your own dogs or pay them to do your dogs. We have 2 siberian huskies and believe me we NEVER bathe them (for many reasons you already listed) We generally take them to the groomer as the fur alone is an issue. But with being able to take our dogs here and wash them ourselves or leave them and come back, I love this option. And as you mentioned in your blog, I think my kids would love to help bathe the dogs…can’t wait to try this!

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