Celebrate National Friendship Day with Little Elliot Big City

You know how sometimes in life you feel like people don’t notice you? When I was a kid I often felt like I was so little in such a big world. I remember wishing someone would notice when I needed help reaching something and when I was trying to get someones attention.

Kiernan, my youngest is TINY for his age and I often worry that he feels/will feel the same way I felt. There is a new book LITTLE ELLIOT, BIG CITY  that will show him being little doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish things.

Little Elliot coverI received product to facilitate this post.

Meet Little Elliot

Little Elliot is a little elephant in LITTLE ELLIOT, BIG CITY. He is the cutest polka dotted fellow I have ever seen. I love that he’s different from other elephants, because there is nothing wrong with being different.  As the book title implies Little Elliot is little. Oh boy, he is so darling and such a happy little elephant.

 Life in The Big City

Little Elliot doesn’t have it easy in the big city ( New York City circa 1940). He has to be careful since the big people don’t see him. He may be small but His love for cupcakes is HUGE even though he can’t seem to so be seen. He still enjoys the small things in life. He won’t let being little keep him down.

The Author Mike with his buddy Elliot sharing their love of cupcakes.
The Author Mike with his buddy Elliot sharing their love of cupcakes.

Unexpected Friends

When life doesn’t seem to be going quite right, Little Elliot meets someone even smaller then himself and lends a helping hand. What he gains in return is sweeter then any cupcake.  A new friend!  Take a look for yourself here.

Written and Illustrated by the talented Mike Curato. Check him out on facebook and on his blog.

Kiernan and I can’t get enough of LITTLE ELLIOT, BIG CITY. I am sure your children will enjoy little Elliot just as we do and learn that being little isn’t so bad.Meet Little Elloit is the first of a three book series that will keep you wanting more. We cant wait to see what the second book ( LITTLE ELLIOT, BIG FAMILY) and the 3rd (no title released) will bring!

Pre-order a copy for your house hold today! LITTLE ELLIOT, BIG CITY will be available August 26th. And will be available in German, Hebrew, Mandarin, and Korean. It’s the perfect way to Celebrate National Friendship Day!


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