Marcus & Marcus: Mold Free Washable Bath Toys

My kids adore bath toys, I on the other hand…. despise them. Well, I used to! They are a mold and general grossness breeding ground. Not anymore!  We now have amazing bath toys by Marcus & Marcus. They are easy to clean, fun to play with and safe!

About Marcus & Marcus

Marcus & Marcus is about making modern products with a bit of whimsy and contemporary style. With their focus on high-end products that make the challenges of parenting easier and have bright, bold colors and style to keep your children engaged! I am in love with so many of their great items but I  really want to show you their bath toys!!


Mold Free Bath Toys

I am sure you have seen the videos floating around the internet where people cut open their children’s bath toys. They are sure to tell us about how their kids chew on or squirt the water in their mouths.  The videos are so gross, I mean we all know that mold thrives in warm, moist environments so bath toys seem like a logical place to worry about mold. With the Marcus & Marcus bath toys, you can kick that worry! Their line includes 5 animals and 2 ships. They are so adorable! But my favorite part….. NO MOLD!  After the kids take a  bath, I can just toss them in the top rack of the dishwasher since they are dishwasher-safe!   Just pop the top off and they are ready to clean.

Safety First

I love that the bath toys are super soft, so when my kids decide to throw them( because rockets fly, you know that right?), I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt on the rocket’s return to earth.  I also love that each squirt toy is made of BPA free and phthalate free silicone!


Where to Buy?

You can check out the complete list of locations and websites to purchase from here. But my go to is Amazon!

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