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Are you looking for an extra special gift for someone? I was on the hunt for something that would be extra special for Doug and Scarlett. There is a very special bond between the two of them and I wanted Santa to bring  something that would be personal to them. I looked around Stamp the Moment’s website and I found ideas for more people too. I’m going to share my ideas with you!

Check out these pendants from Stamp the Moment, you can have them photo laser-etched , fingerprints, your child’s artwork or even with a sound wave!!!

Daddy/Daughter gifts

Doug served in the Navy for 8 years and didn’t want kids until he met me. W e never thought we would have a daughter so when we had Scarlett we were over the moon. The two of them share an amazing bond. They light up when they see each other! So when I started the hunt for a gift from Santa I knew it had to be just right. I wanted something that they could share, when I found out about Stamp the Moment I knew there would be something that fit just right. Look at a few of the options below! I chose this keychain and necklace from Stamp the Moment because Scarlett loves jewelry and the dog tag shape for the key chain is perfect for Doug, it pays tribute to his past in the service and his love for his little girl.

Daddy and Daughter gifts!

A Gift for a one of a kind Teacher!

I adore these themed lockets! I am ordering one for my son’s preschool Teacher, She will love it and I can add a charm of the schools mascot. What a great Christmas gift, or buy now while they are on sale and save fore the end of the school year. This key chain is a wonderful for any teacher in your life too.


Special Offers at Stamp the Moment

Right now Stamp the Moment is running some amazing special offers. Use code 55andfree for 55% off your total order and free shipping.  If you want to order the teacher charm necklace use code Giftready for 60% off on any of the themed lockets! There are more specials here but know that you can only use code per order.

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