10 Things You Didn’t Know You Should to Label

As a mom with two kids, we label many things – from toys to shoes to coats. There are a few thing that I’ve learned from experience that I didn’t know I needed to label but should have! Learn from my mistakes.

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Should to Label


1) Put a Label on Pillows or Pillow Cases

I would have never thought there was a need to put a label on a pillow or pillow case until this weekend. My daughter had a sleepover and now I have two extra pillows. I have to track down which child forgot their pillow and how to get them back to their right owners. I labeled my daughter’s pillow this morning, she’d be so bummed if she lost her Disney FROZEN pillow.

10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

2) Put a Label on Pajamas

I found pajamas after the sleepover too. What makes it worse is that two girls wore the same pajamas! That makes it very easy to get lost and confused. 10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to LabelIf your child is going to a sleepover, take a few seconds to put a label on their pajamas. 10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

3) Put a Label on Underwear

Can you guess what else I found at the sleepover? Lost underwear in the bathroom. I’m not even going to try to find the owner and just trash them! 🙂

There are many other times kids could lose their underwear, believe it or not. How about at gym class or when they change their clothes at sporting practice/games? This especially applies for a child on a swim team and gymnastics.10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

Another big reason to label all underwear – panties, socks, and bras – is if you have a family that wear the same size. My son wears the same size socks as my husband so labels come in very handy! This would especially be true if you have kids wearing the same size!

4) Put a Label on Your Umbrella

How many times have you left your umbrella somewhere because it was raining when you got there and wasn’t when you left? I’ve done this countless times and lost them or couldn’t figure out which one was mine when I finally figured out where I lost it!10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

You can put the label on the strap or actual umbrella. I find the strap is the easiest place to see the label – for me and anyone who finds my lost umbrella!10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

5) Put Labels on Uniforms

I believe that all uniforms should have a label on them for obvious reasons – everyone is wearing identical clothing! This is especially important for things like team leotards like below and other sporting uniforms that kids will change into and out of for practice and events. This applies to uniforms for organizations like Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls that have vests, shirts, neckerchiefs, and sashes – all look identical. 10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

6) Put Labels on Swimsuits

Swimsuits should always be labeled. This is one of the easiest things to lose since people change into and out of swimsuits at their destination. This is especially important if it is a swim team swimsuit that is identical to the rest of the swim team.10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

7) Put Labels on Beach Towels

Make sure to put a label on your favorite beach towels so they don’t get lost. My son would hate to lose his SONIC beach towel! Not only will the beach towel be return if you lose it but by labeling beach towels, you can stop an argument between siblings about whose towel is whose!10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

8) Put Labels on Hats

You should always label hats and gloves because they are so easily lost by kids at school. Many kids have the same exact hat and gloves, making it difficult to know whose it belongs to and return when found.10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

Iron a label on the inside, so nobody can see it unless it is lost. I volunteer at my kids’ schools and can’t believe how many hats, gloves, snow pants, and other clothing is always piled up on the Lost and Found Table!

9) Put a Label on Expensive Popular Clothing

My son enjoys wearing the Under Armour brand which is both popular and expensive. There are 3 kids in his class with the same exact Under Armour sweatshirt. Guess what, they were the same size too. I’d hate for him to lose his sweatshirt or bring home the wrong one.10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

I put labels on the tag of clothing, it’s just an easy spot to iron and also the first place I’d look if I found a lost item.10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

10) Put Labels on Lunch Bags

When my kids were younger, I labeled everything, including lunch bags. Now that they are older and more responsible, I stopped. Shame on me. My son lost his PackIt lunch bag. Guess what! I found the exact same Camo PackIt lunch bag in lost and found but it had a label on it, not my son’s name. 🙁 I think what happened is the other kid took my son’s bag (and his mom probably re-labeled it, thinking the label came off) and then received his original bag back from the school office. That’s my best guess. I should have put a label on his bag, even in 5th grade…10 Things You Didn't Know You HAD to Label

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