A Solution to Ugly Sink Strainers, and Fearsome Disposal Teeth

Just as you step to washing your dishes, you’ve got a pre-chore with a curious condition to do.  FIND the Stopper to plug the sink so you can fill it with water.  I know that I have the constant horrible luck of getting the strainer that is ‘supposed to go’ on the opposite sink- and the stopper is lost in neverland.

An All in One Solution to TOO Many Sink Problems

A new product from an American company called Disposal Guard has really taken the time to ‘figure it all out’.  Their new DISPOSE-IT-GUARD is a replacement for your typical sink strainer.  Check out the pictures, but the Dispose-It-Guard:

  1. Acts as a Safety Guard to keep hands out of a Garbage Disposal
  2. Has a Handle for Easy Pick up and placement (no grabbing odd edges, or soaked metal tips)
  3. Is a 4″ Safety Poker/Scraper that you can use to ram food into the Disposal
  4. Acts as a Strainer
  5. With a twist it acts as a Stopper

What sink problems does it solve for me?

  • I hate pushing the tangled up bits of celery or whatever down into the disposal- with the built in poker, (that’s made NOT to touch the teeth because of its size/shape) I can now do it without fear!
  • Solving the problem at the start of this article – because this is a strainer AND a stopper, there’s no more rooting for the right one at the bottom of a dirty sink
  • I like the big handle that’s made of plastic- it just feels so much safer than metal.

So All in all, this is JUST a sink strainer- but it is the BEST in the world, and solves problems that others do not.  For that reason I give this product a BIG thumbs up!  Oh, plus, it’s Made In the USA!

Thanks Disposal Guard for letting me try out your flagship product!

Buy Dispose It Guard

You can buy Dispose It Guard for $16.95 on the Disposal Guard website or on Amazon.com.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Disposal Guard who provided the product for review.

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