Add OREGON Cordless Power Tools to Your Father’s Day Gift List with Discount Code

OREGON Cordless power tools are awesome! Each of them is completely unique as a 40 Volt Lithium Ion battery powered power tool. Any dad would be thrilled to receive one of these products for Father’s Day. The whole family will be happy because all of these tools are virtually silent in comparison to their gas powered or electric powered counterparts. No more mixing gas and oil for any of these tools. Just charge your battery, pop it into the insert on your tool and with the press of the trigger off you go!

A tool for every Dad this Father's Day from OREGON Cordless Tools
A tool for every Dad this Father’s Day from OREGON Cordless Tools

I received product to facilitate this post.

 A Tool for Every Dad This Father’s Day with OREGON Cordless Tools

Whether your husband or father likes landscaping, or is looking to trim back a tree or cut firewood for a bonfire, OREGON Cordless power tools has something for everyone! The OREGON CS250 Chainsaw starts with the push of a button. No more pull starts, no more gas, no more fumes! This chainsaw is integrated with the Powersharp precision saw chain sharpening system, sharpening the chain in as little as 3 to 5 seconds!

OREGON’s PS250 Pole Saw is the perfect tool to tackle any hard to reach cutting jobs. This saw’s motor is mounted mid way so that it has better balance throughout the tool while you are working, making jobs easier on you. The same as other OREGON tools, there is no mixing gas and oil, no pull starts, no emissions. This pole saw also has a branch hook on it to assist in cutting down hard to reach limbs. This pole reaches as far as 14-15 feet!

OREGON Tools have something for everyone!
OREGON Tools have something for everyone!

For the Dad that loves a well manicured landscape, the OREGON HT250 Hedge Trimmer is a great gift to help him perfect the shape of any decorative hedges or trees in your yard.  It has a durable 24 inch blade with laser precision cutting plates, in turn leaving you with a cleaner cut and healthier plants.

The OREGON ST275 or ST250 Trimmer/Edgers are great for yard work. My husband loves to use his ST275 Trimmer/Edger after cutting the grass to give the lawn a more finished look.

OREGON Cordless Power Tools with Interchangeable Battery

All OREGON Cordless Power Tools can use the same battery! I love this! You don’t need a separate type of battery for each of your tools. This is great for taking up less space and depending on how much work you need to do you may only need to charge your battery once before working. One of my favorite features is that OREGON batteries have a power indicator on the front of them. All you do is push the button and your battery will light up with 4 green dots (full charge) or less depending on how much battery life you have left.

OREGON Batteries can be switched between any OREGON tools.
OREGON Batteries can be switched between any OREGON tools.

To purchase OREGON Cordless PowerTools and Batteries go to OREGON tools have been generous enough to give all of our readers who use the discount code “momblog” a 10% discount on your purchase of any OREGON tool system at this website.


Visit for any additional information on OREGON products.

This was not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own. Thank you to OREGON Cordless Power Tools for the product for this post.




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