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As a busy mom, entrepreneur, and volunteer, I’m busy. Just like you, I don’t have time to stop, especially not for pain. It’s annoying when back pain, shoulder pain, or my new-founded elbow pain flares up but I don’t let that stop me from what I need and want to do. I use Salonpas products – and have for years – as you may know if you’ve followed my blog long!

New to Salonpas? You are in luck because they have more pain relief products now than ever! Choose from a full line of patch, cream, roll-on, gel and spray products that employ a variety of active ingredients, formulas, and technologies.
My go-to pain reliever from Salonpas is their DEEP Relieving Gel. There is no pain that I’ve had that this can’t relieve! It’s fact-acting, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly. It does have a fresh minty smell but it wears off some when it dries and isn’t too noticeable. It uses 3 powerful pain fighters (analgesics) that penetrate and treat pain for up to 8 hours so I can use it in the morning for all-day pan relief or right before I go to bed for all-night pain relief. As we get older, I think everyone should have a bottle of this on hand so that pain doesn’t put us in a bad mood (this is me!) and we can get on with our life!

I don’t have arthritis but I have a good friend that does. I’m excited to share with her this new Salonpas® Arthritis Pain Relief Gel that gets to the source of the pain to reduce pain even in major joints. My friend has it bad in her knees, so I know she’ll be happy to try this out. It is powered by diclofenac, the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient – but without a prescription!

Another must-have product to keep on hand are Salonpas Pain Relief Patches. If you overdid it at the gym, garden, or snow shoveling, you’re going to need these! You can get them in different sizes including the new Salonpas Pain Relief Patch LARGE that is the first FDA-approved OTC topical pain reliever that provides powerful relief for up to 12 hours and the only OTC patch indicated to treat mild and moderate pain. 12 hours! That is a LONG TIME! I use to suffer from back pain all the time, especially after my kids were born and I carried them too much (but it’s never too much, keep carrying those babies as long as you can!) Salonpas patches were my savior for back pain. Now, I only use them occasionally. Just remove the ‘sticker’ and stick to your skin for all day pain relief.

They also have a Lidocaine Pain-Relieving Gel-Patch which is the #1 selling OTC patch in the United States, which provides the maximum strength lidocaine without a prescription.

Pick up Salonpas on Amazon or your local retailer including Acme Fresh Market.

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