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picture of Backyard Discovery Patriot

I’m pleased to announce that is partnering with Backyard Discovery. We have been given the incredible opportunity to review a Backyard Discovery wooden playset and share our experiences with you online and in person through play dates this summer.

You have probably already seen Backyard Discovery playsets in the stores or around your neighborhood as they are the #1 selling playset manufacturer in the US. Their playsets can be found major retailers such as Walmart, BJs, Sams Club, and Toys-R-Us. They also sell play houses, picnic tables, raised gardens, dog houses, and other products for backyard leisure.

picture of Backyard Discovery Patriot

More on Backyard Discovery Playsets

Backyard Discovery playsets are made 100% Cedar wood. What this means to your family is a quality playset that naturally weathers and is decay resistant. They are the #1 selling playset with a reputation for safety and durablity, what every mom wants for their kids. Unlike some playsets, Backyard Discovery playsets are designed to grow with your child. They have a great selection of accessories to switch out and add as your child grows. This is an investment that you know will last for years to come. Playsets start at just $399 and up.

Our Backyard Discovery Adventure Begins

There is nothing better than a great playset in the backyard for hours of entertainment and exercise for kids. Playsets are great for year-round fun. We received our shipment from Yellow Truck early this week when it was actually warm and not snowing like it was today in Ohio. My husband and I went right to work to start the project. The kit came with 1 large box for the slide and 3 long boxes with the playset pieces, all in all 580 lbs.

picture of Backyard Discoveries Shipment

There are many, many pieces of pre-cut cedar wood pieces, screw, bolts, etc. This may seem overwhelming to some but this IS after all a big project. We have experience of building a playset from scratch at our previous home. It involved a lot of time designing, then even more time measuring, sawing, filing, cutting, trimming, etc. Building it from scratch was a LOT more time consuming and overwhelming. The finished project was nice but not as attractive and well laid out as the Backyard Discovery playsets. Backyard Discovery makes it easy to find the best playset for your family and then build it with all of the pieces pre-cut and pre-drilled.

picture of Backyard Discoveries 3rd Box

The instruction manual is exhaustive and complete with step-by-step instructions for every element of the wooden playset. Every wood piece has a corresponding number stamped right on the wood. The instructions list out each piece by the part # on the diagram. There is a parts list for each of the 3 boxes with the part numbers of each piece of wood listed. The first thing we did was write on each diagram next to the part number which box the wood piece was in. This saved us a lot of time when actually assembling the wooden playset.

picture of Backyard Discoveries labeled wood

picture of Backyard Discoveries Instructions

We received the Patriot Playset. It comes with a spiral slide, two landings, picnic area, swings, and a rock climbing wall. Elijah and Elizabeth are eager to play on the playset! With the change in the weather, they will have to wait another few days until warmer weather comes into Ohio for us to complete the project next week.

More on Backyard Discovery Playdates

Backyard Discovery is supplying us everything to create great playdates this summer for you to enjoy with us! If you are a local AkronOhioMom then you are invited to our playdates. The playset is designed for ages 3-10, as will the playdates. More information on the playdates is to come.

Check out the great selection of playsets from Backyard Discovery at

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Backyard Discovery who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with

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10 thoughts on “Backyard Discovery Partnership

  1. Rose Habart says:

    I sooo wish we had the room in our yard for something like this! I can’t wait until the housing market gets back on it’s feet so we can sell and build a playset!

  2. RachelD says:

    We too need a new playset. I was looking at their website and I love the “Olmstead” playset! Makes me want to play too!!

  3. diane r. says:

    I was overwhelmed looking at the pieces to this…but you made it sound easy enough for even my husband and I to build it! We have an almost 3 year old grand daugther who would LOVE something like this in gramma and grampa’s backyard!
    Like you—am awaiting on finally NICE, consitent weather here in our part of Ohio!

  4. Rose Habart says:

    This playset looks awesome. We got ours’ from home depot and it is awful. Not sturdy at all. Definitely would not recommend them!

  5. Debbie Munden says:

    We have one of these. We have four children including twins and it has the two towers, tube slide, front slide and swing. It is awesome! Every other year we stain it to protect it. We added solar lights on the roof for when we have barbeques at night –in the summer we pour water down the slide. Kids have an absolute blast. It is durable and redwood naturally deters insects. Well worth the investment – kids have even camped out in it.

  6. sarah b says:

    wow! your kids will love this. we went to a friends house yesterday and my 2 year old son got to climb on their old playset and go down the slide. he had SO much fun! I dont know how many times he went up and down but he sure slept good last night!

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