Get Clothes Cleaner and Stain-free with BIZ

We spend so much on clothing that it can be sickening when something gets stained or you can’t get the funky smell out of it. One simple and inexpensive step can get your clothes cleaner and stain-free. Do what I do, just add BIZ powder with every load. It is proven to be more effective than leading brands, including OxiClean! BIZ makes cleans your clothing 80% BETTER than detergent alone.

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If you are like me, you are always doing laundry. I hate when clothes are clean and still smell funky. There is a lot of funk going around in the summer with more outside activities.  I add BIZ powder to every load to fight the dirt, grime, sweat, stains, and mysterious odors.  BIZ has 4 cleaning agents that fight at the enzyme level to kill odor-eating bacteria. No matter what your family throws at it, BIZ will fight back.This is especially good on those stains that sneak into the laundry that you don’t know about! I’ve used BIZ for years, check out before and after pictures of my own stained laundry.

BIZ is worth trying if you are going to add a booster to your laundry soap. Check out this side by side comparison on how well a product really works on tough stains like grass, sweat, blood, and juice.

You can use the BIZ powder to pre-soak and pre-treat stained clothing as well for those tough stains by making a water bath soak or a paste. Bottom line, it works. I like having 1 product that I can use in a variety of ways to keep my family’s clothing stainfree, clean, and fresh. It is so simple to use, I always include a scoop with every load – just in case.

Beyond washing clothes better, you can use BIZ throughout the house for just about any cleaning product. Use Biz laundry detergent to clean you home for holidaysMy utility tub gets a lot of abuse including paint splatters, fish aquarium water changes, and other dirty jobs. It’s hard to clean and I use to use bleach which smelled the entire room up! Now, I use BIZ powder.

It is an old sick so it will never be flawless but BIZ effortlessly cleans my sink and removes stains and dirt. I love the results and that it isn’t smelly or dangerous like bleach is.BIZ is also made with biodegradable surfactants, so you can feel good about the environment.

If you live in the Akron, Ohio area, you can find BIZ at your local Wal-mart, Marcs, Giant Eagle, ACME, Discount Drug Mart, and Heinen’s Supermarket. Find a local retailer near you that sells BIZ or purchase on cleans better than oxi

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