Calamityware is a Fun Spin on Traditional Porcelain Dishes

Calamityware review

My husband and I like having fun. We don’t do boring or normal or expected with things like home remodeling, decor, or even life. For instance, we once had a dark blue bathroom – floor, walls, and ceilings with gold stars on the ceiling while at the same time having a dark purple living room – oh and don’t forget the purple couches – in another room. We like having fun and living fun.  When I came across Calamityware, I knew this was the type of product we could really enjoy and fit perfectly into our non-ordinary home.

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Calamityware is a Fun Spin on Traditional Porcelain

Calamityware is gorgeous porcelain made and decorated in Poland using the traditional in-glaze technique that slightly melts the design into hte surface like fine porcelain you see in museums. However, don’t let the  traditional blue-willow design fool you, look close and it isn’t a paradise at all! In fact, the scenes are an unexpected discombobulated scene of calamities, perils, and pests! It is hilarious! Every time I use my Calamityware mug or serve something on my serving platter, I smile and so does everyone else. It is just hilarious. What could be better than a mug or platter that puts a smile on your face? Nothing traditional is going to do that, at least not every time!

My favorite mug in the house is the Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse.

Unfortunately, it is also my husband’s favorite. It is a generous size mug that feels good holding and drinking from – you know as soon as you pick this mug up that you’ll be reaching for it every time.  What is even better is the art on it!  The “Things Could Be Worse” title is true – no matter what you are going through, things could be worse, like being chased by UFOs, hunted by pirate, swimming with a sea monster, attached by an insane robot, bite by a zombie poodle. or a plague of giant frogs – all represented on this silly mug. This is a really fun mug to buy for yourself or give as a gift to any coffee or tea lover!

I like serving food to unsuspected guests on my Calamityware Platter: Dinosaurs!

It is really funny when people comment on how pretty the platter is – because the traditional glazed porcelain with blue-willow design is stunning. Then, when they look at it closer, they notice dinosaurs! Who decorates and serves food on platters with dinosaurs on them? Fun hosts, that’s who! Like the mom who makes pancakes for kids after a sleepover!

Seriously, it is so fun. In this platter, just about every dinosaur you can think of in a scene of ancient buildings and lush foliage. These peaceful dinosaurs make dinner more interesting for sure.

The platter measures 14.75″ x 10.25″ (37cm x 26cm) so it is generous enough to serve a family-size meal, large side dish, or sliced meats but not large enough for serving a full-size turkey.

I like that Calamityware doesn’t take life too seriously. Their products make serving, dining, and entertaining fun and not so mundane. If a product lightens the mood and puts a smile on your face, then it goes well beyond the call of duty. This, too makes for a wonderful gift for anyone that likes to cook or entertain that also likes to add a little fun to everyday life.

Check out all of their dining and serving dishes on the Calamityware website.

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