Defunkify Stinky Laundry and Shoes!

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Do you have a stink problem in your house? Stinky shoes? Stinky, dirty gym clothes? Stinky socks and tshrits that never get clean? If you have kids, you most defiantly have a stink problem. It amazes me how stinky even little kids can get especially when it comes to their feet. With two very active teenagers in the house and a husband, I’m always searching out ways to de-stink our house.  I came across a line of products that I really like and I know you will too if you give them a try. Defunkify is all about removing the stink from our lives, at the microscopic level, getting rid of the stink and stains for good.

Defunkify Stinky Laundry

Do you wash your clothing and find that there are still lingering smells on certain clothes? In my house, it is my husband’s tshirts and my kids’ socks, probably mine too! I wash and rewash. I use unscented laundry detergent because of our allergies so I think that if I used a scented detergent, it might mask. But again, I don’t want to mask the smell, I want to get rid of it for good!

I like the Defunkify Active Wash and have used it for one wash cycle on most of our clothes – darks, whites, and towels. I’ve noticed the most difference for just one wash than any other product I’ve used for this same problem. It got all of the sock stink out and most of the sweat stink that was really soaked into some of my husband’s older tshirts. I can really tell a big difference!

When my kids came home from a church event, they were covered in mud, including their shoes. Apparently they were playing in 8 foot tall bubbles that turned the ground into mud! Fun but not when I had these nasty shoes to deal with – new school shoes to boot!

It is just like any other detergent however it works at a different level. This detergent uses chemistry to clean clothing. The enzymes clean deep, removing body oils, sweat, and built-up soap scrum.  It is safe for all washers and eco-friendly. It only makes sense to combat stains at the enzyme level.

I was very pleased that all of the nasty mud was washed away and my daughter’s shoes looked brand new. I was especially worried about the light color fabric of the shoes but they are perfect after just one wash.

The Laundry Stain Remover removes difficult stains, odors, and residue with enzymes and plant-based surfactants remove stains, odors and residue. It is safe to use on synthetic and natural fibers for all your clothing from activewear to dress shirts to linens to baby clothes!  You can use it on even the tough stains like grease, oil, blood, mud, juice, lipstick, baby food, poo and pee.  One you spray the stain, let is sit to give the enzymes time to work their magic at the microscopic level!

Keep the stink away for 20 washes with Active Shield Laundry Booster. So, I’ve never heard of such a thing as this product before now. It actually removes odor from your clothes and then keeps your clothing smelling fresh by not allowing the molecules to react in odors. So, you can wear your clothes several times before washing, if you want. Adding this booster to your laundry once a season (one every 20 washes) will keep your clothing fresher longer. This is all because of the power of silver-strong molecules that bond to fibers, making it so the odor-fighting molecules prevent smelly situations from even happening. I can’t explain how this works but I gave it a try with a full load of our smelliest clothes – activewear and socks!!! Everything smells good now, time will tell how well they stay that way but from the results I’ve had so far, I believe it will work.

Defunkify Stinky Shoes

I’ve tried everything to keep our shoes and the closet where we keep our shoes fresh, or at least not appalling.  I was actually excited to try the  Active Spray Shoe & Gear Deodorizer on my family’s shoes. It promised to not just mask the smells but get to the source to actually get rid of the stink. I started with my teenager boys shoes. Just spray until it soaks the shoes – which is easy because the spray shoots out a nice full stream spray to cover quickly and evenly.  My first response was wow, this smells good, like peppermint. The Active Spray uses essential oils to give you instant gratification – and relief from the stink. But that’s not where the magic is. The magic happens when the silver is activated. It is the silver that gets to the source of the odor, eliminates it, and then prevents it from returning. Have you ever used a product that seems like it got rid of the smell but then once the scent wears off, the smell returns? Well, it was never gone, just masked. I like that Defunkify actually gets rid of the stink. It worked so well on my son’s shoes that I went through and sprayed ALL of our athletic shoes, boots, and even slippers.  A little goes a long way, I can’t even tell that I used any of the spray so I know this is going to last me a long time.

You can even use it on gym gear, upholstery, car seats, and dog beds. I’m hitting the dog bed next!

Defunkify Stinky Laundry and Shoes!

You can Defunkify stinky laundry and shoes too with this line of eco-friendly, high-quality detergents and stain removal products. Buy Defunkify on the Defunkify website, starting at $4. The items are priced very well and you can even purchase starter kits for additional savings. If I were you, I’d start with the Active Wash and Shoe Deordorizer kit first to try it out. If you have stinky laundry and shoes, you’ll be so glad you did!

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