Dry Clean at Home to Save Money and Time!

Do you still take clothing and coats to the dry cleaners? I stopped going to the dry cleaners years ago. One reason I stopped was because my husband and I both started working from home about 12 years ago so the need wasn’t as big for us. The other reason was that even before then, actually way back when I was in college, I switched to Dryel.

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Dryel is a super easy at-home dry cleaning system that saves time and money on all your delicate and dry-clean only fabrics. You’ve probably seen Dryel products at your local grocery store or big box store.  It is easy to pick up and even easier to use!  Just pop your dry-clean only or delicate items in the bag provide in the starter kit, add a cleaning cloth, close the bag and dry in the dryer for 15-20 minutes. It’s literally that easy. Your dry cleaning will be done and ready to wear again in less time than it’d take to load up your items and take to the dry cleaners.

The kit comes with a pre-treat pen too for any stains you may have on your clothing. I keep one in my laundry room and another in my purse for those stains in the making while I’m out and about! It works wonders!

My good friend loves to thrift shop just like me. She found me this amazing long wool jacket a couple years ago and I love it. The first thing I did was clean my wool jacket in my Dryel at-home dry cleaner bag. If you thrift, you really need Dryel for those items to clean when you get home. Skip the dry cleaners – save up to 90% of the cost of dry cleaning with Dryel – it’s so worth it.

The Dryel bag is pretty big. You can fit 4-6 items in easily, depending on what your cleaning. My full size wool coat and my son’s wool coat can fit in one bag with plenty of room for another item or two.  I love being able to clean items like wool coats and sweaters at home instead of going out in the weather – and covid – to the dry cleaners!

I knew that washing delicates in water could fade, shrink and stretch delicate materials but did you know that traditional dry cleaning can too? Not only is Dryel less expensive and convenient but it is also safer on your clothing. Did I mention how easy it is to use?! 🙂

I always use Dryel for wool items, suits, dresses, and dress pants but never thought of cleaning jeans with it!  Cleaning jeans with Dryel has proven to keep dark jeans darker longer.
Wow! I’m going to start cleaning our jeans with Dryel now – I love dark jeans but hate when they fade so quickly! I’m going to put Dryel to the test! I invite you to put Dryel to the test with all your delicates, dry-clean only, and jeans. It is a powerful yet gentle way to remove bacteria and odors from clothes without the harsh chemicals of dry cleaning. Dryel’s bag and cleaning cloth steam releases to clean your clothing while protecting the fabric integrity to retain color and shape to remove body soils, stains, and odors.

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