Do You Have Duck Tape in Your Junk Drawer? Use It!

Whether we want to admit it or not, 80% of Americans have at least 1 junk drawer, usually in the kitchen.  The most common items in junk drawers are super glue, writing utensils, and duct tape.  I admit it, I have all 3 and then some! It is no wonder duct tape is in 51% of junk drawers because it literally can fix about everything.

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Do You Have Duck Tape in Your Junk Drawer? Use it!

We love the Duck Tape brand of duct tape, it is the original, local business (Avon, Ohio), works the best, and comes in a variety of strengths as well as fun colors! Duck Tape is available in a variety of strengths, including: Original, Basic and Max for around-the-house repairs. Anything that needs held in place, seamed, sealed, and bundled is a project for Duck Tape. Probably the weirdest thing we’ve used Duck Tape for was when we tried to remove warts on feet with Duck Tape… weird but effective.

There are so many DIY crafts that you can make with Duck Tape too! Check out the Duck Tape Craft & Decor page  for fun and exciting projects you can do with your kids. I also found quite a few and made a Duck Tape Hacks Pinterest Board. My kids and I just love all the fun themes and colors to choose from. We can really customize our projects to our style with Duck Tape.

My daughter had her friend over for a hang-out this weekend. They are both crafty. They grabbed some Duck Tape and started created projects on their own and searched for a few online as well.

There are several back-to-school projects that you can use Duck Tape for that will keep your supplies in top-notch condition (or use it to repair in a couple months)! Use Duck Tapes as a book cover. There are fun projects for creative kids too including school supply case, bookmarks, desk organizers, back to school organizer, and so much more!  We always reinforce folders with Duck Tape, usually after they have been roughed up after a couple months at school but you can be proactive and do it now!

I love that Duck Tape makes crafting and even repairing items fun for kids and adults.

My daughter’s friend made a pencil case to keep all of our pens, pencils, and school supplies. It is a simple design she created on her own but looks super adorable and durable!

She makes one every year so the one she made last year will be kept at home while she takes her new one to school this year. It even has a secure closure with inside-out rolled tape!

My daughter found a tutorial for an easy wallet – there are a ton online, some are very detailed with a change pouch, credit card slots, and more.

This super cute wallet will keep her bills secure and fashionable!

They also made a pencil grip.

There are many jewelry options you can make with Duck Tape including slap and cuff bracelets. 

Plus, it gets kids off their screens – well, except for instructions! – for a while!

So, if you are like most Americans, you have Duck Tape on hand, probably in your junk drawer. Check out the many ways you can use Duck Tape on their website whether for fun or DIY, it is a valuable, yet inexpensive tool every home should have. Pick up your own Duck Tape in your favorite strength and colors at a store near you including Meijer, Walmart, Staples, OfficeMax, and on

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