The Ford Edge Sport is a Blast to Drive!

Ford Edge Family Car Review

On our recent Lake Erie Getaway, I had the chance to drive and review the new Ford Edge Sport. What a smooth drive and great family vehicle with plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and enjoy the road trip.

Ford Edge Family Car Review

The Ford Edge Sport is a blast to drive, making any road trip more of an adventure!

The traditional engine gets 280 HP but the Ford Edge Sport has a whopping 2.7L EcoBoost that gets 315 HP!  Driving 75 on the turnpike felt like a mere 55 with the pick up and go and the smooth, quiet ride it delivered.
Ford Edge Family Car Review
The sterring wheel head everything I needed at my fingertips for safe control. I like having cruise control, radio controls, volume, and the ability to answer a call right from the steering wheel.  The Ford Edge Sport almost drives itself with features like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, front and rear cameras, and park assist. Ford Edge Family Car Review

I’ve never been good at parallel parking, I never had much practice or the need to perfect this skill. Now it is embarrassing if I have to pass up a parking space for fear of not getting it right. The Ford Edge Sport is amazing with both Perpendicular and parallel park assist! I can park anywhere now!

The interior of the Ford Edge Sport is luxurious with unique leather-trimmed seats with perforated miko suede inserts. THe interor black colors with metallic finsihes is simply gorgeous. The preformed seats are comfortable and roomy – even enough for 3 in the back seat.  Don’t forget the luxuries of heated seats for everyone and cooled seats in the front row. There are even a couple USB jacks to keep electronics charged.

Ford Edge Family Car Review

Compared to previous year’s model, the 2015 Ford Edge Sport has the same exterior size, however it has an added 7 more cubic feet of space behind the second row! This makes the Ford Edge Sport an excellent option for families with growing kids. This was the main reason my family switched from another model SUV to our current van – leg room. My kids were super comfortable in the Ford Edge Sport during our trip – I checked it out too and was very comfortable as well. Ford Edge Family Car Review

The back cargo space is very spacious too, offering plenty of space for luggage and anything else you haul around like the zillion pieces of sporting equipment for our kids sports!

There are even ‘mini-airbags’ in the back seat, something my kids found right away when their seat belts had “inflatable belt” written on them. Ford Edge Family Car Review

Check out our view from the large moon roof!Ford Edge Family Car Review

The Ford Edge Sport is an affordable crossover option that makes a great family vehicle that is a blast to drive. Give one a test drive and I promise you’ll fall in love too!

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