Get Rid of the Stink with 100% Natural Sprayzee

Say goodbye to nasty odors with Sprayzee. Sprayzee uses odor-killing enzymes and essential oils to destroy (not mask) odors without a drop of chemicals!

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Even the cutest of young kids can have smelly shoes that take your breath away!  I use to use powders that left a mess behind but now I use the all natural Shoe Deodorizer by Sprayzee! Instead of foul odor, we are enjoying fresh mint scents in our shoes and boots! Hooray!

This shoe deodorizer can be used on shoes, feet, gym bags, yoga mats, hockey pads, boxing gloves, and in the car. Anywhere there is an odor, spray the power of Sprayzee. Sprayzee uses therapeutic grade essential oils and stink-destroying enzymes like Peppermint, Tea Tree, Clove, Apple Cider Vinegar and more to eliminate and eradicate any odor imaginable.  If you want to know how it works, it is simple. Bacteria causes bad odors. Sprayzee uses 12 essential oils to neutralize nasty odors and turning them into good smells. This simple process leaves your shoes and other gear smelling fresh and super clean.

Onto the stink of bathrooms…

I’ve never been one to put air fresheners in bathrooms because I hate the chemicals but sometimes, ya, sometimes I wish there were air fresheners in there! I’m pleased to tell you about this Toilet Deodorizer because it is a citrus haven of essential oils!

Plus, it is chemical free which is important if you have anyone with allergies or asthma in your home! Plus, it does the job of eliminating smelly bathrooms. I keep this bottle in the guest bathroom – nobody wants to smell up anyone else’s bathroom! It’s the kind thing to do. Otherwise, I need to get another couple bottles for the kids’ bathroom and master bathroom. It is a fresh, clean scent so it’s always pleasant smelling and doesn’t loudly announce what your covering up, if you are private like me. Just shake the bottle, spray in the toilet before you go and that’s it. You can also spray in the bathroom or in the trash cans and toilet brush holder – like I like to do.

Make this Christmas less smelly with these and other Sprayzee products. Might make a funny stocking stuffer for adults or a practical yet funny white elephant gift too!

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