Gifts for Devoted Dog Moms

MOther's Day Gifts for Dog Moms

I’m a Dog Mom, even before having my children, I was mom to our rescue dog, Arnold. We were the newly married couple that started off with a puppy before having babies – like many do! That hasn’t changed now that I have two human children of my home. Our dog is part of our family! If you have a Dog Mom in your family – many your own mom, grandma, sister, or friend – then you’ll want to treat her and her Fur Baby to a special gift this Mother’s Day.

Gifts for Fur Baby and Dog Moms

Antimicrobial Dog and Water Bowl

Let’s start with the basics – food and water bowls. HOWND’s HERO Bowl is anything but basic! It provides 24-hour antimicrobial protection that resists bacteria for 25 years!! Let’s face it, fur babies or not, dogs are animals and get into all kinds of stuff. They eat all sorts of nastiness! This dog bowl actively resists the growth of over 99% of microbes including bacteria, mold, fungi, MRSA, and E.Coli.

67% of dog bowls have MRSA and/or E. Coli bacteria in them, even after coming out of the dishwasher! YIKES! The HERO bowl has smart silver ions that immediately eliminates microbes that come back even after washing. Bacteria will thrive in our dogs bowls but HOWND’s HERO Bowl resists that bacteria and germs!

Buy your Dog Mom one now on Amazon.

Organic Leashes, Bandanas and more

Pink Papyrus is your home for the cutest line of organic leashes, bandanas, waste bag dispensers, and more. All dog moms will enjoy spoiling their fur baby with a new 100% chemical free, handgrown organic cotton accessories.

We take our dog for walks all the time, we are enjoying these new gorgeous hand spun organic cotton leashes. Just because they are pretty doesn’t mean they aren’t up to the task of our serious walks – they are durable even when our dog Cali tries to pull away to catch a squirrel or when we get stuck out in the rain – they are weatherproof!  They feel great to use as well, the softest material I’ve even used in a leash, that’s for sure. A Pink Papyrus leash is the perfectly stylish and sustainable for all Dog Moms this Mother’s Day.

Of course while on walks, we have to be on poop patrol as well, keep it stylish with a Pink Papyrus waste bag dispenser! This is a must-have for every Mom Dog for walks at the park or neighborhood. I’m all for having products that make the nastiest of chores better.

Buy an organic leash and more on the Pink Papyrus website.

Protect Fido from Environmental Stimuli

We know our pets have a better sense of smell. In fact, they are more finely tuned to other environmental stimuli that we can’t imagine – electronic frequencies from our countless Wi-Fi devices and gadgets.  Help calm your bet with Energydots – petDOT. Stick ti to their collar to help protect them from harmful effects of all of our gadgets – it could calm them and boost their energy.

Energydots products are available on Amazon.

Eco-friendly Pet Training Grass

If your friend is a brand new Dog Mom, get her Fresh Patch, the most eco-friendly pet training aid on the market. It is actually living grass!

Fresh Patch absorbs liquids and controls odor naturally plus it teaches the puppy to ‘go’ in the grass. This product is also good for aging fur babies that can’t make it outside to go potty. Fresh Patch  as well as indoor dogs that don’t get to go outside throughout the day or for city dogs that don’t have access to grass. Get a new one delivered every two weeks and toss out the old – it’s fully disposable and biodegradable.

Fresh Patch is available on Amazon.

Doggie Deter Sound Device

Sometimes our fur babies need reminded what behavior is good and not. Most devices shock our fur babies into submission but the DOGGIE DON’T® Device is a safe, hand-held audible tool that uses distinctive sound to correct unwanted behaviors. It is an easy way to train any fur baby to eliminate excessive barking, leash aggression, jumping, and cat chasing in a humane manner.

DOGGIE DON’T is available on Amazon.

Teddy the Dog

All Dog Moms need a puppy t-shirt and accessories!  Your Dog Mom will proudly show her love of dogs with the Teddy the Dog’s line of adorable and punny t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, mugs, drinkware and pet products. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing that a portion of proceeds go towards different organizations.

You can find a variety of Teddy the Dog gifts on Amazon.

Natural Odor Eliminator

As much as we all love our fur babies, we know they can get stinky. Alio eliminates pet odors naturally in your home without the use of oils or flames. Alio comes with a vase and 15 all-natural wood resin reeds that are  infused with powerful odor neutralizing technology to get rid of stinky pet odor all around you. This is a safe, non-toxic product that is safe to be used around your fur baby and humans!

Purchase on the Alio website.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Dog Moms out there!

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