Give Dad the Gift of Better Sleep

Dads are hard working. If anyone deserves a good night’s sleep, it’s dad. Whether young or old, first-time daddy or grandpa, he will enjoy the gift of a better night’s sleep with a set of Sleepletics sheets. It is a personal gift that shows dad just how much you care…and these are not ordinary sheets at all…

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Sleepletics performance sheets are unlike any other sheets on the market. They work harder to give your dad the best sleep he’s ever had by using mineral-infused yards to absorb his body’s released heat energy and converting it into infrared light that reflects back to the body for a restful sleep. Not only will dad get a better, more restful sleep by sleeping on Sleepletics sheets but he will feel better the next day. The celliant energy produced promotes temporary increase in blood flow and local circulation which can help dad with faster recovery from physical activity the next day. If he works out a little harder or does too much yard work today, these sheets will actually help his body recover better tomorrow.

The sheets are a FDA-determined medical device and general wellness product.

I don’t know about you but my father-in-law and dad both have major sleep issues to the point of going to the doctor for evaluation. My husband isn’t much better.  If sheets can help men (and women) rest better at night and feel better the next day, they are the perfect gift in my book! Plus, the sheets are luxurious and comfortable to sleep in!  Don’t worry, there aren’t coatings on top of the sheets that are going to wash away, the mineral-infused yarn is what makes the sheets so remarkable. Your dad will benefit from these sheets for the life of the sheets.

Giving dad a thoughtful gift of Sleepletics sheets shows that you care about his health and wellness. It is also a personal gift of luxury sheets that he will appreciate for many nights to come.

Purchase Sleepletics performance sheets in chalk, blue, tan and light grey on the Sleepletics website and on with prime shipping.

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