Endless Hours of Halloween Fun with GoFunFace and Wizards & Werewolves Game

Halloween is all about dressing up and make-believe. It is about having a scary-good time with family and friends. My kids always loved dressing up and playing make-believe, so Halloween was the ultimate make-believe holiday.  Their costumes weren’t just for Halloween and were worn daily for so many years.  Kids need the tools to be creative and play make-believe and I’ve found two that will provide endless hours of Halloween fun beyond Halloween night.

It’s all about the Masks

I don’t know any child that doesn’t like a good mask. Honestly, I even have a teenager nephew that still loves his masks! It is fun to make-believe you are something else. Go Fun Face! is a great place for masks!

They have high-quality animal masks for children, teens and beyond. Your child can become whatever they want when they put on the foam rubber mask and it is a super easy costume to work around for Halloween.

You can bite down on a tab inside to move your mouth and use the outside tab to open wide!

But the fun doesn’t stop on Halloween night with Go Fun Face! masks. I promise. Your kids will continue to be the roaring lion, dragon, or t-rex long after Halloween night so it is good that Go Fun Face! masks are durable and even easy to wash. Your child can make believe and have imaginative fun for a long times with these masks.

If you are planning a themed birthday party for your child, Go Fun Face! masks are the perfect party decor, game, and thank you gift for coming all in one. Imagine seeing a heard of elephants running around your house for your child’s elephant party or a variety of animals for a zoo theme. This tiger is soooo adorable!

Choose from 17 animals and mythical creatures on the Go Fun Face! website.

Interactive Group Play

We spend too much time on our electronics and not enough playing with each other – this goes for children and adults. What a shame because interactive group play is so fun and creates life-long memories. Wizards and Werewolves Glow in the Dark Outdoor Game by Starlux Games is an epic group play game for up to 10 people. This would be a fantastic game to play on Halloween or any night. I see this as the next favorite sleepover game for my kids!

Wizards & Werewolves is an outside game to be played in the dark – what kid or teen isn’t going to flip over that!? In the game, you’ll be on one of the mythical forces side – wizards or werewolves.  You’ll work as a team to strategize and work together. The werewolves hide the crystals, move with stealth, and bite (tag) wizards. If you are on the wizards team then you are trying to hide from the werewolves while searching for their crystals and then attempt to destroy the alpha & break the curse! If a werewolf tags a wizard, they howl and turn into a werewolf too!

Since this is a team game, all ages can play together – parents included. Please, if there is one thing you get from reading my blogs, it is to play with your children. We are all busy but childhood is fleeting, whether they are 1 or 16, take time to play with your children, you don’t regret it. Buy it on Amazon.com.

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