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GuruNanda essential oils review

Everyone is talking about the power of essential oils and for good reason – they work! Essential oils offer tremendous healing properties for your overall health. Extracted from plants, essential oils offer a natural way to improve your over-all well-being. I was given the chance to sample several essential oils with an oil diffuser from Gurunanda for this review. Gurunanda Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Many people hear all the buzz about essential oils but don’t know how to use them. The beauty of essential oils is that they can be used many ways including to clean with, to freshen laundry in dryer, as a room spray, for luxurious bath, to massage, and in a diffuser to name a few. Gurunanda essential oils can be used in all of these ways but my favorite is with a diffuser.

Gurunanda essential oils are 100% natural blends specially formulated to your desire including Slim, Thrive, Breath Easy, and Calming Sleep.  My family has been experiencing stuffy noses lately, so we’ve been running the Breathe Easy formula in our kitchen – the central hub of our home.  Breath Easy essential oils help with nasal congestion and overall respiratory health with a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, basil and rosemary essential oils. It is a great blend to have around all cold and flu season.

The Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser is a beautiful decor item for any home. It has colorful LED lights that change colors every few seconds. My kids think it is fascinating!

I blog about sleep often because it is so important for our overall health and wellness. Getting to sleep can be a huge obstacle for many people. The Calming Sleep essential oils blend includes lavender, marjoram, and chamomile to help clear the minds and improve sleep.

The Thrive blend helps includes clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary to help energize you and boost immunity. This would be great for your work or home office.

You can purchase GuruNanda on their website and on All the GuruNanda oils are from farm to you with no synthetics or additives. This product is non-GMO too.

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