H2O at Home Cleaned What No Other Product Could Get Clean in My Home – Plus it’s Natural!!

H2O cleaning review

There are so many cleaning products on the market. I’ve tried many and have a few go-tos that I always use. I’m trying to move into only natural products for the home to eliminate toxins and pollution in my home. It is harder to find natural products that actually work, but some do.

I am super, super excited to introduce you to H2O at Home cleaning products because #1 They WORK! #2 They are all Natural!

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Natural H2O at Home Cleaning Products Put to the Test!

H2O at Home has an entire line of home and personal care products that are of high quality, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and made with natural ingredients. Already I’m happy to try this new line because I know it is going to be safe around my family and even food safe to be used in my kitchen.

I put the Cleaning Clay Kit with the Heavy Duty Chiffonnette®  to the ultimate test – my ceiling mounted range hood. When we installed it, we used a round suction type tool to get it properly lined up. We were having a difficult time installing and we thought that would be fine to use, well, it wasn’t. It left huge circles on all 4 sides of my range hood as you can see below in the left picture.

We tried EVERY imaginable product to clean the range hood but nothing worked, at all. We have a family friend that is in the chemical cleaning industry, he’s a scientist that actually makes cleaning products for exactly this application. He came over with a few of his sure-bet products and even added a little elbow grease and nothing worked. I gave up on it. It was going to be like that and I’d have to live with it…until H2O at Home asked if I’d like to review their products.

When I saw that the Cleaning Clay Kit could be used on stainless steel, I thought I’d give it a try. It is also good to clean ceramic, pots and pans, granite, sinks, ovens, mildew, shower doors, silverware, jewelry, and glass so I wasn’t sure if a ‘multi-use’ product could possibly do any good but I tried.

Just look at the results. I was and still am GIDDY over how remarkable this product works!!! I used the included sponge to apply the cream to the surface and then wiped it back off with a moistened Heavy Duty Chiffonnette cloth. At first, I tried just an ordinary towel and paper towel but didn’t have as effective results. You really need to use both the clay kit and the cloth together. That’s it – no elbow grease even needed! I’m so, so pleased with this product. I cleaned my dishwasher, fridge, and everything else stainless steel in my kitchen with the same remarkable results. I’ll forever be a fan of this product and I still have to see how well it works on the other surfaces!

THANK YOU, H2O at Home for making my ceiling mounted range hood beautiful like it should be!!

Another must-have product from H2O at Home is their H2O At Home Luxury Kitchen Towel!Available in a number of colors, it is a nice looking towel but don’t let looks fool you, it’s a hard-working towel that you’ll use every single day!  The strong woven microfibers will dry and dry and dry dishes!  It can even keep drying your dishes even while towel is wet because of it’s extreme absorbancy ability!  We use one towel to dry an entire load of dishes that would normally take 2-3. It’s amazing.

This video shows how it can easily soak up 1-1/2 cups of water and not even drip!

I’m going to pick up a few more kitchen towels for sure so I always have one on hand in the kitchen.  I’m also going to try out more of the H2O at Home line because if the rest of their line is anything like these 3 products, they will do wonders cleaning up the rest of my home – naturally! Check out their products on the H2O at Home website to tackle your hardest at-home cleaning projects too!

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